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  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

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  • Location
  • Divisional Director

  • Factory Manager

  • Site Supervisor

  • Completed on

1. QC checks in place and recorded correctly?

  • What is the procedure, mark on drawing or sheet? (Marks out of 10)

2. Pitching reinforcement in place

  • Recorded correctly on drawings? (Marks out of 10)

3. Are Rebar/lifters/sockets cover in at correct levels?

  • What should this be and what is it actually? Any variances checked and approved on new revised drawings by engineer? (Marks out of 10)

4. Any changes to product?

  • Approved by an engineer and revised drawings issued? (Marks out of 10)

5. Quality processes and procedures in place?

  • Internal NCR booklets being used? (Marks out of 10)

6. Trends being identified and measures in place to prevent reoccurrence?

  • (Marks out of 10)

7. Quality toolbox talks and training being carried out?

  • (Marks out of 10)

8. Is there a procedure in place and are these communicated?

  • (Marks out of 10)

9. Have IRs that have been issued from site been closed out to prevent reoccurrence?

  • (Marks out of 10)

10. Does the finish match the agreed sample - acid etch/brick pointing?

  • (Marks out of 10)

11. Is the label signed off before leaving the factory and green dotted?

  • (Marks out of 10)

12. Loading and haulier collection sign off?

  • (Marks out of 10)

13. What training is in place or planned for QC Personnel?

  • (Marks out of 10)

14. QC knowledge of allowable Tolerances for placing of rebar/sockets/cast in details?

  • (Marks out of 10)

Sign Off

  • Auditee

  • Auditor

Audit Summary

  • Number of people working, key activities, key issues, close out actions.

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