• Inspecting Officer

  • Inspection Date

  • Inspection

  • Inspection Location
  • Property

  • Dog owner present

  • Dog Owner

  • Others present at inspection


Description of Dog

  • Breed

  • Colour

  • Sex

General Requirements

  • Microchip

  • Condition of Dog Lead

  • Condition of Muzzle

  • Was dog inside the enclosure?

  • If yes, was the enclosure locked?

Warning Signs

  • Number of signs

  • Are the signs square (40cm x 40cm)

  • Are the signs made of a durable metal

  • Warning Sign Photos

Prescribed Collar

  • Is the dog wearing a prescribed collar?

  • Council registration tag on collar

  • Collar Photo




  • Is the enclosure fully enclosed?

  • All gates to the enclosure have a lock which enables the enclosure to be securely locked

  • Is there a weatherproof sleeping area?

  • Floor made from sealed concrete

  • Floor graded to fall to a drain for removal of effluent

  • Walls, roof and gate construction material


  • Is there chain mesh used in the construction

  • If yes, What is the mesh used in construction


  • Is the enclosure at least 1.8m in height

  • Is the enclosure at least 1.8m in width

  • Is the enclosure at least 10 square metres in area

Enclosure Photos

  • Photos

Officer Comments

Officer Comments

  • Notes

  • Additional Photos

  • Signature of Authorised Officer

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