1.0 - Passageways and Foyers

1.1 - Are corridors, passageways and foyers free from obstructions?

1.2 - Are emergency exits marked and clear of obstructions

1.3 - Are floor coverings in good order and of even surface?

1.4 - Are fire extinguishers and hose reels clear of obstructions and in test date range?

1.5 - Are lights working and of adequate luminosity?

1.6 - Is all public seating in good condition and free from splinters?

1.7 - Are the floors clean, dry and not slippery?

1.8 - Are outside power points, lights and switches in good working order?

1.9 - Are gutters and down pipes clear?

1.10 - Are bins regularly emptied?

2.0 - Stairs, Steps and Landings

2.1 - Are steps in good condition? (no worn or broken steps)

2.2 - Are hand rails in good repair?

2.3 - Are stairs, steps and landings free from obstructions?

2.4 - Is there adequate emergency lighting?

2.5 - Are non-slip treatments / treads in good condition?

2.6 - Is a 2.15 metre vertical clearance maintained above all stair treads?

2.7 - Are closed stairways provided with a handrail on at least one side?

2.8 - Are doors that are perceived to lead to the outside marked as to their purpose?

2.9 - Has graffiti been removed?

3.0 - External Walkways and Footpaths

3.1 - Is there a confined space register and are all confined spaces signed and identified?

3.2 - Are gas cylinders restrained?

3.3 - Are gas cylinders stored in a well ventilated area?

3.4 - Is access to workshops restricted for unauthorised persons?

3.5 - Is emergency assembly area sign posted?

3.6 - Is directional signage clear?

3.7 - Are cover guard rails provided to prevent persons from falling into drainage ditches, open pits, tanks, etc?

3.8 - Are drain covers flush with ground level so as not to create a trip hazard?

3.9 - All ramps are equipped with handrails?

3.10 - Are retaining walls safe and in good condition?

3.11 - Are overhead structures in good repair?

4.0 - Loading Docks

4.1 - Do all loading docks have fall protection?

4.2 - Are loading dock work areas free from obstructions?

4.3 - Is access to loading dock restricted for unauthorised persons?

5.0 - Driveways and Car Parking Areas

5.1 - Are tarmacs clear and in condition?

5.2 - Emergency exits are clear of obstructions?

5.3 - Are all paint markings clear and bright?

5.4 - Does vehicular traffic travel at a safe speed?

5.5 - Are footpaths and walkways free from obstructions?

5.6 - Is lighting perceived as adequate?

5.7 - Is the ground surface suitable for vehicular movement?

6.0 - Gardens and Lawn Areas

6.1 - Are all plants and shrubs in a satisfactory condition?

6.2 - Are all paths clean and free from hazards?

6.3 - Are lawns in good condition and tidy?

6.4 - Is all signage in good condition?

6.5 - Area is free from garbage and excess garden litter?

6.6 - Any obvious branches that are likely to cause injury have been removed?

6.7 - All borders and gates are secure and in good condition?

6.8 - All graffiti has been removed?

6.9 - All garden beds and walkways have been built up on the edges so that pedestrian trip hazards have been reduced?

6.10 - Any palm fronds that may fall have been removed?

6.11 - Is the area free from any drainage problems?

6.12 - Are all signs and fittings (rubbish bins and seats, etc) securely fixed?

6.13 - Any low branches that may cause head contact have been removed?

7.0 - Public Protection

7.1 - Are CPTED principles applied in all external areas?

7.3 - Is all signage in place?

7.2 - During construction and minor works, has appropriate fencing, hoarding and barriers been put in place?

7.4 - Are traffic control procedures in place?

8.0 - BBQ and Picnic Areas

8.1 - Is cooking area clean and free from rubbish?

8.2 - Is walk area around BBQ free from grease?

8.3 - Is gas bottle stored externally?

8.5 - Are fire extinguishers located in an easy to see location?

8.4 - Is BBQ in good repair and clean?

8.6 - Is furniture in good repair and free from splinters?

8.7 - Is ventilation adequate?

8.7 - Is there adequate lighting for the work being carried out?

Sign off by HSR or Manager (if relevant)
Sign off by Assessor
Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.