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Door funtionality

  • Lock sets functioning and stable

  • Door closures working properly

  • Doors appear to be clean and paint is holding

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  • Are there any issues with frame or trim exterior or interior

  • Are Windows secured for safety of students opening them

  • Are there screens in all windows

  • Are Windows able to be opened safely

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  • Ceiling grids and ceiling tiles complete

  • Sheetrock/plaster ceiling intact

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Hallway Baseboard

  • Will custodial need to be notified for cleanliness of baseboard

  • baseboard adhered to the wall and in good shape

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  • Are all light fixtures working properly

  • Lens and casings intact, not needing any repairs

  • Are Lighting inspections done on a weekly basis

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Emergency lighting

  • Is there a preventative maintenance program in place

  • Are there any noticeable features that need to be addressed

  • Are emergency exit signs in place

  • Is there a daily or weekly inspection done

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  • Do Exterior siding,columns, and doors need attention

  • Bathrooms need attention

  • Interior doors and walls need attention

  • Hand rails and stair treads need attention

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Mechanical rooms and sytems

  • Are systems running satisfactory

  • Are all systems on a routine PM schedule

  • Are system rooms clean

  • Are electrical panels accessible

  • Are all employees aware of mechanical room locations

  • Any visible sign of damage to equipment

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Outdoor lighting for building

  • Is there adequate illumination outside entryways and walkway

  • Is there a routine inspection done to ensure proper operation

  • Are all timers set to proper on/off set times

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  • Is the roofing in good condition

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