Fiji Airways Boarding Inspection

Boarding Preparations

  • Is boarding gate is pre-setup for Fiji Airways boarding? (FJ signage, J/Y lanes, Gate and Flight displayed, DG & Prohibited articles displayed, arrival& dep segregation etc.)

  • All guests and their carry-ons have been security screened prior to boarding.

During Boarding

  • Were boarding announcements done?

  • Was current Boarding Announcements script used?

  • Were boarding procedures followed? (e.g. Pre-boards, boarding by seat rows numbers)

  • Agents at boarding gate conducts following checks to each guest without fail;

  • Was manual (non-automated) boarding done for this flight?

  • Was flight number and dates on B/Pass is checked during boarding process?

  • Was boarding acceptance in DCS (CM) confirmed before guest was allowed to proceed to board the A/C.

  • Guest are been escorted to the aircraft through safe and secure route?

  • Did the guest board the aircraft through tarmac

  • Were guest being monitored & assisted while on ramp?

  • Were guest prevented from using personal handheld devices

  • All cabin bags were monitored to comply with dimensions and weight.

  • Were there any noncompliant cabin bags intercepted at the boarding gate?

  • Cabin bags intercepted at gate for hold loading were checked for DG compliance.

  • Items intercepted at gate were appropriately tagged.

  • Ramp staff and load control were advised of items collected at gate.

  • Were there any headcount discrepancies at boarding closeout?

  • Was visual proof of boarding and documents obtained for missing guest who were located on board.

  • Was flight secured by matching the check-in guest numbers to the boarded guest numbers.

  • Final boarding guest count and flight documents were given to crew.

Post Arrival

  • Post flight messages (reports) upon flight closeout were sent.

  • All records pertaining to departure flight is filed.

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