Fiji Airways Ramp Inspection

Planning & Preparation

  • Sufficient personnel with PPE and necessary GSE available and ready

  • Pre-arrival check parking position free of FOD, obstacles and /or spillage

  • Guidance system is activated and marshaller (s) correctly positioned as applicable.

  • Are all GSE and personnel positioned outside the aircraft clearance line?

Safety on Ramp

  • Ground staff/Engineer await engine spool down before chocking wheels?

  • Safety cones correctly positioned (front of engine / at wing tips)?

  • Guidance on Cone Placement

  • All airside operational activities, are conducted under direct supervision (e.g. loading, catering etc.)

  • Circle of safety observed when manoeuvring vehicles?
    (6m 1st stop, 3m 2nd stop)

  • Guide on Circle of safety for applicable FJ aircraft types

    Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 15.43.00.png
  • Passenger Bridge and/or steps set to correct height and all safety devices are installed before opening of cabin access door?

  • Guide persons are employed for GSEs with limited rearview visibility inside ERA (Equipment Restrain Area)

Operating Cabin Door

  • Is Cabin door opened with appropriate equipment positioned at the door

  • If a cabin access door is found open without a boarding device positioned at the door you must immediately notify a supervisor or the airline representative.
    • Do not attempt to close the cabin access door unless trained and qualified.
    • Guard the cabin access door until a qualified person is present to close it.

  • Aircraft cabin door opening process followed.

  • On aircraft arrival, any door required for customer disembarkation is to be opened by Cabin Crew from inside the aircraft.
    Once the aerobridge / passenger steps are safely positioned, ground staff must ensure that the path of the door opening outward is clear, then knock twice on the door to indicate to the cabin crew that the door is safe to open.
    The cabin crew will check that the door is disarmed and give a “thumbs up” signal at the door window.
    The ground staff will use a corresponding “thumbs up” signal.
    Cabin Crew will open the aircraft door.

Cargo Loading

  • No vehicles driven under wings or fuselage observed?

  • Are laden carts while approaching the aircraft follow the prescribed safety path?

  • Safe pathway of laden carts

    Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 15.45.31.png
  • Is there any DG mentioned on NOTOC?

  • Was the DG item correctly handled, segregated, secured and stowed in Aircraft.

  • Was DG handled by a DG qualified personnel. (Note name(s) and verify with DG training records)

  • Is the condition of load inspected prior to loading?

  • Was load information exchanged (read back) with all deviations noted?

Finalizing cargo loading

  • All required locks set/cargo nets/ barriers are installed and secured before cargo doors are closed

  • Was final ramp inspection and aircraft walk-around check performed?P

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