• Audit Title

  • Document No.

  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Personnel


  • Complaint Type

  • Failure Type

  • Hazard Type


  • Council infrastructure

  • Private property


  • Any hazards near location

  • Any failures near location

  • Any service infrastructure under pathway (eg sewer, water, storm water)

  • Existing constructed footpath

  • Connectivity to existing constructed pathways

  • Links to approved future works plans

  • Links to Living Street Strategy Walk & Cycle Plan

  • Current or under assessment DA's


  • High Use - CBD areas, shopping centers, aged care facilities, Hospitals, Schools

  • Medium Use - Parks adjoining High areas, churches and aged homes within urban areas; all medium or high density residential zones; strip shops or corner shops in residential areas. In parks, reserves and lane ways with unlimited access.

  • Low Use - All other areas. There is generally no specific provision for pedestrians or bike use.


  • 1. No further action

  • Advise provided to complainant

  • 2. Refer to operations area for scheduling into routine maintenance program

  • Scope of works

  • 3. Refer to operations area for scheduling into Capital Works program (Minor capital works < $30,0000)

  • Scope of works

  • 4. List possible treatment for funding consideration on next financial year draft budget list (Major capital works > $30,000)

  • Scope of works

  • 5. Prepare treatment concept - Emergent Works

  • Referral details (eg design section)


  • Any additional information?

  • Sketch (if required)

  • Inspectors Name

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