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Weekly Compliance Audit (by department)


  • Work areas are generally clean and uncluttered?

  • Work stations are well organized and no trip hazards are present?

  • Are the department's tools and equipment stored properly?

  • Are emergency routes kept clear and unobstructed?

Safety Signage

  • Are evacuation maps and emergency numbers posted in the department?

  • Are signs indicating required Personal Protective Equipment are in place?

  • Are emergency exit signs in place?

  • Are "No Smoking" signs displayed in the department?

Employee Issues

  • Generally speaking, are the employees correctly wearing required PPE?

  • Have employee's received proper training for assigned job/tasks?

  • Do workers avoid repetitive awkward positioning, excessive or overhead reaching, or continuous bending and twisting?<br>

Maintenance Issues

  • Generally speaking, is the department's equipment in working condition?

  • Are appropriate machine guards in place?

  • Is a 3' perimeter around all electrical breaker boxes?

  • Are LOTO procedures being followed? (Answer only if repair/maintenance is being performed at the time of inspection, otherwise answer N/A.)


  • Liquid chemicals are stored in secondary containment?

  • Flammable chemicals are stored in flammable cabinets (or in a dedicated storage room) when not in use?

  • Waste area is properly maintained?

Overall Notes

  • What is the overall condition of the department?

  • Are any safety concerns present that require immediate correction?

Sign Off

  • I declare that the audit above was conducted and completed accurately.

  • Full name and signature of auditor

  • Date/Time

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