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  • Would you like to inspect employee standards?

  • Are repetitive motion tasks properly paced and kept to a minimum?

  • Uniforms worn adhere to uniform policy?

  • Hairnets worn correctly (covers hair and ears) if appropriate?

  • Footwear is clean, no holes?

  • Hands are washed and sanitised upon entry?

  • Contractors and visitors are policy compliant?

Employee Training

  • Would you like to inspect employee training standards?

  • An adequate number of personnel with the necessary qualifications, training or practical experience are available.

  • The persons responsible for Production and for Quality are independent from each other.

  • Training is provided for all personnel whose duties take them into production areas.

  • Personnel working in areas where contamination is a hazard (eg cleanrooms or areas where highly active, toxic, infectious or sensitising materials are handled) are given specific training in those aspects of manufacture.

  • Personnel have a clear understanding of their responsibilities.

  • Are the material safety data sheets placed in locations accessible to all employees?

Buildings And Facilities

  • Would you like to inspect buildings and facilities?

  • Walls are clean and in good condition?

  • Nothing stored against, walkway access?

  • Floors, ladders, steps are clean and in good condition?

  • Ceilings are clean and in good condition (no condensation or water dripping)?

  • Equipment not in use is clean, stored securely?

  • Bins in adequate numbers, tidy and regularly emptied?

  • Colour coded cleaning equipment in good condition and being used for the right purpose?

  • Tools are stored in toolbox or in allocated areas?

  • Workstations are neat and tidy?

Production Area

  • Would you like to inspect production areas?

  • Cleaning chemicals are labelled, stored in correct location?

  • Cleaning schedule in place, current at time of audit?

  • Storage areas are secure, labelled with contents?

  • Raw material tubs in good condition, no chips or cracks, clean and sealed with lids?

  • Raw material tubs appropriately labelled. Raw material being stored in the correct tubs?

  • Oil, water, cleaning products not being stored on equipment or close enough near raw materials to cause cross contamination?

  • Allergen cleans being completed correctly?


  • Would you like to inspect machinery?

  • Walls are clean and in good condition?

  • All lights covered with a shatterproof covering and in good working order?

  • Old or redundant equipment is clean and stored in such a way as to not contaminate production?

  • Colour coded cleaning equipment in good condition and being used for the right purpose?

  • Tools are stored in toolbox or in allocated areas and not being stored on equipment?

  • Only appropriate grade oils and lubricants used on equipment?

  • All "out of the way" areas i.e. under equipment, corners, under tables, door handles, switches etc clean and tidy?

Distribution Area

  • Would you like to inspect distribution areas?

  • Pallets in acceptable condition i.e. not broken, not double stacked?

  • Pallets not being stored on the floor, racking being used?

  • Pallets not being stored outside?

  • All incoming product free of contamination before transferring to storage?

  • Packaging materials stored on appropriate racking, not stored on floor?

  • Off Line areas are clean and free from build up?

  • No temporary repairs made using cable ties, string or tape?

  • Equipment is in acceptable condition, no evidence of paint chipping, broken parts?

  • Non conforming product is isolated, labelled and recorded to prevent dispatch?

  • Boxing Area is organised and tidy?

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