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Approach to Salon

  • Is the salon appealing and impact full on approach?

  • Is Grolondon signage clear, impactfull and good state of repair?

  • Are the salon opening times fully visible?

  • Is there a promotion or service advertised in the window?

  • Is the product in the window displayed correctly, with a ticket?

  • What is the general state of cleanliness at front of salon? Windows clean, cig stubs etc.?

  • Please take a few photos of the front of the salon

  • Any ideas on how the front of the salon could be improved, or to make the most of the space and surroundings.

Entrance / doorway

  • Is there a branded door mat, clean and positioned correctly?

  • Are all stylist busy with clients or looking purposeful?

  • Is there music playing which is of the correct style and at correct volume level?

  • Did you get acknowledged as you entered the salon?

  • Is the floor in good condition?

  • Are all bulbs working and of correct wattage and finish

Reception area

  • Was the coordinator behind the desk?

  • How many people behind reception and what was each person actually doing?

  • Please take a photo of what a client will see today if they stand at the reception desk?

  • Are the business cards etc. on and around the reception desk well presented?

  • Is everything on or around the desk required to be 'on display'?

  • Are cash PDQ machines all in good working order and available?

  • What items are in and around the reception desk that are damaged, broken or not supposed to be there?

  • Is there a box file at reception which contains Accident Report Book, Risk Assessment book & health & safety information?

  • Please take photo of under the reception desk -staff side

Beverage and cloakroom areas

  • Is the coffee machine in fully working order?

  • Is there enough coffee available to last 2-3 days at least?

  • Do we have enough coffee cups available (& stored correctly)

  • Is the water machine working correctly?

  • Are customers coats and jackets correctly stored?

  • Please take photo of customer cloakroom area?

  • Are all bags, brollies and belongings stored tidily, correctly and secure?

  • Are bins empty?

  • What could we or should we do to improve this area of service?

Retail area

  • Does this area have the wow! Factor?

  • Take a few photos of the retail area from the best angles?

  • Is the retail product clean, dust free and 'faced up'?

  • Is there a price list available?

  • Is there product information available describing features and benefits of the individual product?

  • Is there any current promotions? I.e. Bogor, sale, reductions?

  • What is current sales trend in terms of retail within this salon?

Cutting & styling area

  • Is the cutting and styling area well presented and prepared for the next client?

  • Please take a few photos from best angles.

  • Are all stations well presented?

  • Is each section laid out as per salon individual standard of appearance?

  • Do all stations have the drinks menu?

  • Are mirrors all clean and well presented?

  • Do we have tissues available?

  • Do all power outlets work?

Creative colour area

  • Are all stations prepared ready for next clients?

  • Please take a few photos from best angles

  • Is each station set out inline with individual salon requirements?

  • Do all stations have drinks menu?

  • Are all mirrors clean and well presented?

  • Do all power outlets work?

  • Do we have tissues available?

  • Is the climazone clean and ready for use (steamer)

Colour dispensery

  • Is the stock organised and in correct number order

  • Are all surfaces clean tidy and clear for next stylist to use

  • Are all colour bowls and utensils clean tidy and available for next use

  • Is the used stock bin empty

  • Can we confirm that there is no more than one tube of individual colour open at any one time

  • Is the stock being controlled correctly, regularly and accurately

  • Are all health and safety regulations on display that are required as per company policy?

  • Please take a few photos of backwash area including photos of the health and safety posters available.

Backwash area

  • Are all sinks clean, with drain filter clear with neck guards and in pristine condition?

  • Is area all mopped clean an free from dirt, water and waste?

  • Are towels ready and prepared for next client

  • Are there enough towels to cover the remainder of the day?

  • Is the towel bin empty?

  • Is backwash area clean tidy front facing and well presented

  • Please take a photo from best angle

  • Ensure foils bin is empty

  • Are all seats clean dry and ready for next client


  • On entry to toilet is there a sweet smell

  • Is the bowl clean

  • Is there a full paper dispenser?

  • Is the seat secure and clean

  • Is the floor clean and tidy

  • Are there sanitary bins available

  • Is there an emergency cord available and does it work?

  • Is mirror clean and accessible

  • Is bin empty

  • Is there a hand drier / towel /paper towels available

  • Is there hand cream available

Utility area -washers / driers / towel storage area

  • Is this area easily accessible, free from obstacles?

  • Do we have suitable storage bins and are we using these to handle towels etc.

  • Is the washing machine in a good state of repair and in good working order?

  • Is drier in good state of repair and in good working order?

  • Do we have enough detergent available and stored correctly

Staff rest area

  • Is this area clean and free from clutter, rubbish and is in acceptable condition?

  • Is the kitchen area clean tidy and free from dirt, rubbish and food waste?

  • Is all food stored in an organised fashion without waste left unattended?

  • Is the bin empty?

  • Does the area look as though it is well maintained?

Any other 'unused' or storage area

  • What is this area?

  • What is the condition of this area?

  • Is this area clean tidy and organised?

People issues - stylist / coordinators / assistants / apprentices

  • What score would you give out of ten for the staff appearance, enthusiasm & awareness of suroundings

  • Is there a rota available to cover coordinators, assistants and key holders - containing information to clarify who is in and who will be the person in charge at the salons?

  • Take a photo of the rota?

  • Is there a current 'up to date' training matrix to capture this information?

  • Take a photo of the training matrix

Performance / stats

  • Where is the trading summary report for last week?

  • Did we achieve our sales target?

  • Does the coordinator know and understand the stock check process, including stock deliveries, stock usage and recording?

  • Please give overview of key points identified with process.

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