Housekeeping - WHSMP & SWMS 06

  • Are there waste bins or rubbish chutes to all areas?

  • Are stacking/storage areas tidy?

  • Are there designated areas to store tools, equipment, materials and plant etc?

  • Are work areas kept clean and tidy, uncluttered and free of waste?

  • Do trades clean as they go?

Access and Egress - WHSMP

  • Are safe access and egress being provided clean and clear and being maintained to the work area with exclusion zones in place for workers above?

  • Are designated access and emergency paths defined by signage (running man) and/or directional tape/flagging/barricade?

  • Are surfaces even ( no unexpected level drops or trip hazards?

  • Are any additional hazards evident in access ways ( protruding objects, water, rocks and debris)?

Scaffolding - PRA - Scaffold, SWMS 21 & 22, Monthly Scaffold Checklist - HB HSEQ - F - 061

  • Are scaffolds easily accessible and free of debris with access from ground not greater than 250mm?

  • Are temporary stairways correctly installed and no step to access stair is over 300mm?

  • Are there adequate edge protection and screens and protection from falling objects?

  • Is the clearance between the scaffold and adjacent structure less than 225mm?

Penetrations - PRA - Penetrations

  • Are all penetrations over 100mm compliant with the following:
    - able to withstand and safely protect a fall from person, machinery or materials
    - installed so that it doesn't,t create a trip hazard
    - be securely fixed to prevent it being moved or removed accidentally
    - marked with the words DANGER HOLE UNDER painted in bright colour

  • Any penetrations that are impracticable to cover are surrounded by edge protection?

Edge Protection - PRA, SWMS 15 & Work at Heights Permit HB - HSEQ - F - 077

  • Are physical barriers installed and secure for any exposed edges?

  • Where an exclusion zone is established is it greater than 2 metres back from the edge?

  • Are toe/kick boards in place on ALL live edges?

  • Are wheel stops/bumps in place where EWP's & forklifts are being used near live edges?

  • Has screening been implemented to protect workers and public below?

  • Where edge protection is impractical is a safety system in place for use of harness and attachment point and are these certified by a competent person?

Amenities - WHSMP, PRA - First Aid & PP:04

  • Are amenities clean and tidy and would you be happy to eat lunch in the provided crib rooms?

  • Are toilets working, cleaned regularly and easily accessible?

  • Is drinking water provided and accessible on all levels?

  • Are first aid facilities available, stocked, accessible and with adequate signage?

Temporary Power -PRA - Electricity Supply

  • Are all switchboards installed and compliant with AS 3012 - select items identified below
    Secured to the ground, post or wall, insulated and tie bar attached.
    Defined numbering system and location of where the board is distributed from.
    Door that is lockable, requires a tool for removal, will not damage cables when closed.
    No gaps or access to live part of board other than by an electrician.
    1 x 10amp and 1 x 15 amp plug minimum

  • Are All electrical leads and tools tested and tagged to suit state requirements (3 monthly for QLD & monthly for NSW), not piggy backed or damaged?

Lighting -PRA - Lighting.

  • Have lights been installed for access/egress to all levels and producing a 50 lux?

  • Are emergency backup lights installed and tested to meet requirements of As 3012?

  • Are trades providing adequate task lighting (200 lux) to all work areas?

  • Is lighting protected from mechanical damage by either a polycarbonate or mesh cover?


  • Other issues

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