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General Instructions

General Instructions

  • For every question answered yes: list evidence observed, along with procedure numbers or standard reference, as applicable.

  • For every question answered no: create or design plan to correct and prevent re-occurrence, create project in CAPASL database.

  • For every question answered Non Applicable: describe and or define reason.

  • Retain audit report in SG-1 ; AIMS ; Internal (1st Party) under site being audited.

  • Notify AIMS group of audit reports so all can benefit from observations.

  • Local management review of all audits are required.


Management Planning

  • 1. Are processes defined, linked and identified?

  • 1.1. Is the trend of characteristics monitored.?

  • 1.2. Are the required results being achieved?

  • 2. Is there an organization chart?

  • 2.1. Does it list positions not names?

  • 2.2. Does it distinguish levels of management?

  • 2.3. Are responsibilities assigned?

  • 2.4. Does it outline authority from top down?

  • 3. Are Job description available?

  • 3.1. Do they list requirements and responsibilities?

  • 3.2. Is there an employee listing?

  • 3.3. Does it define who is qualified for what job?

  • 4. Is there any link from local procedures to corporate procedures or policies?

  • 5. Are the interested parties listed?

  • List objective evidence . .


Process Controls

  • Is there a flow chart for all identified processes?

  • Are inspections or measurements points identified?

  • Is there a Failure Mode Effect Analysis completed products or processes or service?

  • Is there a control plan?

  • Do the inspection or measurement points match flow charts?

  • Is there a plan of reaction for out of conformance?

  • Is there a floor diagram?

  • Do inspection or measurement points match flow chart and control plans?

  • Is there a nonconforming area designated on diagram?

  • Are there any process controls in place (I.e. Statistical Process Control)?

  • What is level and trend of Cpk on critical characteristics?

Measurement / Testing

Measurement & Testing

  • Are there procedures established for testing and measuring?

  • Is there a calibration program of gages and test instruments?

  • What is measured?

  • What is the verification process of gages or test instruments?

  • Is there a prescribed schedule of verification and calibration of gages or test intruments?

  • What or how are calibrations linked to known national or international standards?

  • Are critical characteristics defined?

  • What is reaction is measurements don't measure up?


Customer Process / Service

  • How are the customer requirements documented?

  • How are the related documents controlled?

  • What is the approval process of customer requests?

  • How does information flow from approval to production, purchasing, testing, etc.?



  • Are operator responsibility established and defined in procedures?

  • Are quality procedures and policies current and known by employees?

  • Are nonconforming products and or services procedures in place and followed?

  • Is there a Material Review Group (MRG) or similar team to make decisions on nonconforming products or services?

  • Are guidelines for MRG or similar teams in place and are they followed?

  • Are there waiver compliance rules in place and are they followed?

Corrective Action

Corrective Action

  • Are there procedures for the control of nonconforming materials and or services?

  • Is there a correction and corrective action system in place?

  • What type of problem solving techniques are in place?

  • Is there a schedule of maintenance of equipment?

  • How are materials or services traced throughout processes to end user?

  • Are traceability procedures understood by employees ?

  • How are materials or technical data preserved or stored or prevented from damage?

  • Is correction and corrective action done in a timely manner on audit findings?

  • Is there a means for employees to make suggestions for improvement?

  • What type of reward is given for approved suggestions?



  • Are internal or self audits conducted on the quality management system or identified processes at prescribed intervals?

  • How is customer satisfaction measured

  • Is data collected and analyzed to demonstrate the effectiveness of present processes and procedures?



  • Are purchased items checked for compliance?

  • Is purchased information reviewed and approved prior to release of Purchase Orders?

  • Is there an approved supplier or outside contractor list?

  • Why type of approval process is used?

  • Describe the frequency of re-approval process?

  • Are there any on site quality audits of suppliers?

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