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Final Inspection Checklist for Motors

Special Requirements: - PD dedicated K489 crowd motors: extra mount holes drilled for K408 mount plate. - motors shipping to Gillette inventory do not have attachments installed. - Baghdad motors get national brushes.

  • Vibration data: Confirm that vibration data has been reviewed & approved.<br>

  • Has motor been blown out and all debris cleared?

  • Check that a final commutator profile (TIR) has been completed.

  • Check grease fittings, pipes, and relief's & verify red grease tags are installed.

  • Check sheave, coupling nuts, lock washers,retaining plates and bolts as required.

  • RTD connection instructions: Are they in the terminal box?

  • Confirm coupling or sheave is touching outer slinger, unless slinger has set screw.

  • Verify that the Job Acknowledgement information matches the nameplates.

  • If CEP ( Encore) or PD dedicated, make sure all covers are on.

  • Make sure pictures are taken before motor is wrapped in plastic.

  • Verify the test run checklist is in the pouch and signed off.

  • Is parts list in the job pouch (from warehouse/receiving area?

  • Are all bolted connections tight?

  • If motor is PD dedicated, have handles been painted YELLOW?

  • Is prep & paint up to Mesa Joy Global quality standards?

  • If crowd motor, has bottom cover on commutator end been removed?

  • Check to see that the eye bolts at 12:00 position on K504T Motors do not touch the interpole coils.

  • Dual purpose motors: Is packet attached to motor? (Example K408 crowd/propel; K1010 hoist/crowd ...)

  • Have job number and country of origin been stamped in unit?

  • Megger and record the following readings: Armature circuit: Shunt field: Between circuit:

  • Ensure there are four (4) desiccant crystal packets added to the outside of a motor prior to wrapping the motor in plastic. (ALL MOTORS)

Ensure job number, serial number, part number, and completion date is written on outside after motor is wrapped.

  • Inspector's name:

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