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Landscape General Safety Self-Inspection Checklist

General Requirements

  • Have your landscapers been trained about the necessary safety precautions when doing landscaping work?

  • Are you aware of the requirement to report any work-related amputation, loss of an eye, or in-patient hospitalization of any employee?

  • Do you provide required safety and health training for all employees? Do you maintain a record of the training, date it was conducted, and who provided the training?

  • I am aware of the different types of dangerous plants and animals

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Have you completed a PPE hazard assessment?

  • Can you provide documentation/certification of your PPE hazard assessment?

  • Have you trained employees in the proper use and storage of PPE?

  • Do employees use powered groundskeeping equipment wearing necessary PPE? <br><br>

  • Do you follow proper procedures for traffic control where the fall of a limb or tree would create a hazard for an employee, pedestrian or vehicular traffic?


  • I hereby verify the authenticity of this self-assessment and assure that necessary safety information were provided to the landscaping workers.

  • Landscaping Manager's Name and Signature

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