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  • Context: Safe People: Capable, competent, aware and engaged. Personnel at all relevant levels understand and perform their responsibilities within the critical process across all phases of the Plan-Do-Check-Act Model. Safe Place: Active hazard management and processes under control. Hazards are identified and risks controlled effectively within the work environment throughout the critical process and across all phases of the Plan-Do-Check-Act Model.

  • What was the topic of conversation?

  • Were the employees able to explain the major risks/hazards associated with the task being undertaken and the necessary controls that were in place? <br>

  • Were the employee confident they could complete the task with the training they had been provided?

  • Did the employees indicate if they had were satisfied with the sites safety performance and how the work they were asked to undertake was planned?

  • Was the equipment/tools provided to the employees well maintained and did they agree it made their job safer?

  • Could the employees tell you about the last serious incident that occurred at either their site or other parts of the business?

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