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  • Is there evidence that the hazards associated with working with compressed air have been identified, assessed and control measures identified? (e.g. entry in HSE Hazard Register)

  • Is there evidence available to show that personnel have been trained in the safe use of compressed air?

  • Are appropriate compressors and hose fittings being used (i.e. Manufacturer’s specified fittings and clamps only shall be used on all compressed air hoses and tools)?

  • Is the hose being used on the task the correct hose class and colour (i.e. heavy duty air delivery) for the location and air pressure that is being delivered?

  • Are all employees using a safety keeper pins/clips at all times on all hose connections?

  • Are any compressed air hoses that are laid across work and plant areas being protected from damage by appropriate means?

  • Are all safety devices in their correct position and secured in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions i.e. whip checks, whip socks?

  • Are personnel inspecting the hoses and equipment prior to use each day?

  • Are air hoses and equipment not in use stored in a manner and in an area where they are protected from damage?

  • Are all employees aware they must not use compressed air to blow dust from clothing or the body?

  • Are personnel using compressed air tools wearing appropriate PPE i.e. gloves, safety glasses, protective clothing and footwear?

  • Are all employees aware that all damaged hoses and fittings are to be withdrawn from service, tagged out of service and referred to maintenance for repair or discarding?

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