Pre-Audit preparation

Pre-Audit Preparations

Retail Rewards

Revenue Report

LiPoms Data Report

Scanning Compliance Report

MyPost Report

Security Compliance Report

Discrepancy Report

Passport and ID&V Error Reports

Retail essential measures


Public Liability Insurance confirmed.

Mandatory Training up to date.

Office is Security Compliant

Cash Management Plan compliance

Stock Credit Account compliance

Retail performance measures


Sales Challenge result - % against last years sales + 1%

Retail Services - % against last years sales + 1%

Customer Satisfaction - score out of 10 - Target 9.2.

Identity Services Processing - Target 98%

Scanning Compliance - Target 97.5%

Mail Streaming - are mail streaming arrangements in place

Outlet observations


Is outlet Stand-alone - if in-conjunction, note type of business and lines stocked.

Local Issues - are there any local issues?

Customer Complaints - is level of complaints satisfactory?

Shop Presentation reviewed

Maintenance of Building including painting

External Signage

General appearance

PO Box Installation ok and sufficient boxes available.

Photo of front of building
Photo of PO Boxes

Merchandising reviewed

Presentation of stock

Pricing of stock

Presentation of impulse stock

Stock levels

Photo from front door
Photo from Counter

Monthly Promotional Planners utilised

Top 10 customers for outlet.

Best selling lines

Best local product

School/Club or Nursing home visits planned.

Business Development Ideas discussed.

Changes to customer traffic or buying patterns

Changes to local demographics

Are there any external factors effecting business - drought/business closures etc.

In Rural and Regional locations, note other retail outlets in town.

Does the LPO have Contractors operating from the outlet. If so, how many operated by Licensee

Involvement in local promotions, sponsorships, business or community groups

Office safety plan

MyPost - outlet participation

Number of Concession Card applications YTD

Number of MyPost Delivery card applications YTD

Number of Digital Receipts YTD

Number of Business 250 membership registrations YTD

Confectionery program participation

Soft drinks or water

Peters Icecream

Extended range of FMCG

Financial performance


Review LiPoms and Business Payment reports

Does office have a Business Plan

Error Notices - no outstanding e/n and frequency satisfactory

Other discussion points


Does the Licensee have any concerns about their Licence.

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