Record any matters or commitments made during the assignment process and record progress.








Approved Hours of Business signage on display and of a suitable standard

Approved Security signage is displayed on front window.

Are all posters on display approved & current

Current brochures and charges guides in use - refer to PostLink

Does Licensee have plans to upgrade Australia Post/Prime signage. Advise Licensee additional signage is at their expense.

Is the office security compliant

Check general security in outlet is in line with current security standards.

Would outlet benefit from having CCTV if one not installed.

Are TLCC's operational and bolted down. Are they being used correctly.

Are windows clean? Is clear window policy being followed.

Confirm safe code/combination has been changed.

Confirm location of duplicate keys/combinations. Ensure they are not locked in the safe. Explain to Licensee if all keys are lost and safe cannot be opened, repairs may be at their cost.

Check tax invoice book is on hand in case of epos failure.

Is postmark impression book being used.

Does the office have a black light and is it working.


Confirm staffing levels are correct. Is outlet over or under staffed. Are rosters correct.

Discuss any customer compliments.

Discuss customer complaints received since assignment

Discuss Customer CX results.

Confirm Licensee is satisfied with their training during assignment. Offer additional training if required.

Does the Licensee require additional training.

Discuss assignment process with Licensee. Were they happy with the overall experience.

Discuss upcoming training nights/LEEP meetings/Trade Show.

Confirm all staff have performed the mandatory training and records are on hand.

Do all counter staff have a workforce ID number.

Is Licensee aware of the Licensee Benefits scheme


All merchandise, fixtures and fittings clean and tidy.

Confirm floor plan is current. If not please request updated floor plan.

Is product pricing/ticketing ok.

Is stock clean and presentable.

Check level of stock is satisfactory to meet customer demand.

Check number and frequency of stock orders lodged by Licensee on supply branch

Check number of urgent ad-hoc orders supplied by corporate offices.

Counter areas neat and tidy.

Would Licensee benefit from a Merchandiser site visit. (In locations where this is not practical, suggest a FaceTime call).

Is Licensee aware of LPO Buying Program.


Is shop neat and tidy. Workplace Health and Safety not breached.

Internal disable access through internal shop meets standard.

Has Licensee completed a safety plan, and have all staff been briefed.

Storage of parcels awaiting collection.

Does outlet have disaster management plan in place. If no, offer RNP guidelines.

What process does outlet have to handle heavy parcels. Does office have trolley and mini pallets? Offer list of mail handling equipment available for purchase.


Is POB area clean tidy and free of rubbish.

Are door numbers correct and in good condition

Is the area above the boxes clean and free of unsightly items.

Discuss local knowledge of mail sorters and mail sorting arrangements. Discuss mail sorting arrangements to service non delivery areas if applicable.

Confirm layout of mail room is efficient and best practice.

Identify if any equipment would assist with mail processing.

Confirm volume, storage, and handling of carded articles.

Confirm reminder notices are being issued appropriately.

Confirm scanning compliance. Is outlet familiar with scanning procedures. Confirm if flow chart is on hand.

Is outward mail being streamed correctly. Confirm current mail streaming flow chart is on hand.


Is the Licensee conversant with the payments system and available reports

Has Licensee signed up for MyPost Business Account to monitor POMS payments.

Encourage the Licensee to ask questions regarding their payments.

Has Licensee reviewed their business plan.

Is Licensee aware of the LPO Payments scheme.

Discuss payment of stock account and is Licensee managing that aspect of their business.

Check for cash discrepancies in discrepancy management since assignment.

Confirm outlet is operating in accordance with their cash management plan. Is plan on hand in office.

Is outlet performing a daily balance and is cash being counted every day.

Does Licensee perform financial checks such as spot checks on staff advances, and reversals.


General Remarks

General Remarks

General Remarks

General Remarks

General Remarks

Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.