All manuals are online - See POSTLINK - Quick Links

Confirm there are no copies of outdated manuals on hand in the outlet.


External AP Signage/Prime Sign including pylon signs of a suitable standard

Interior AP Signage meets the standards.

Approved Hours of Business signage on display and of a suitable standard

Approved Security signage is displayed on front window.

Posting Box has Dangerous goods sticker displayed.

Posting Box has clearance times displayed.


Are all posters applicable to the business

Current brochures and charges booklets in use as per POSTLINK


All merchandise, fixtures and fittings clean and tidy.

Withdrawn Philatelic stock not on sale - return to LPO Distribution if necessary

Confirm floor plan is current. If not please request updated floor plan.


Is shop neat and tidy. Workplace Health and Safety not breached.

Internal disable access through internal shop meets standard.

Counter areas and serving positions tidy and maintained.

Is standard of external paintwork suitable

Is standard of internal paintwork suitable.


Is POB area clean tidy and free of rubbish.

Are door numbers correct and in good condition

Is the area above the boxes clean and free of unsightly items.

Is installation correct and have all boxes installed been approved.

Run POB Service Status Report - Generate report prior to visit. To generate, go to POGO. SAP. Business Objects - BI Launchpad Login. Select Service Status Report. Select Workcentre. Then select Status (click binoculars icon). Select all except leased services. Click OK to generate report. Export report and print.

Do vacancies and Not In Use match report


Print last Security Audit Report for the outlet.

Is the office security compliant

Check general security in outlet is in line with current security standards

Are TLCC's operational and bolted down.

Are windows clean? Is clear window policy being followed?

Record details of office safes installed.

Take pictures of safes installed.


Are scales AP approved and certified?


Does site have a passport camera - owned or leased.

Is the passport camera working properly

Key Pass - Is a photocopier present

Print WCIS Facilities Report.

Check office details are correct.

Check delivery points (Contract, Counter, POB, Transit)

Check Australia Post equipment installed. EPOS and Passport Camera equipment


Check delivery journals and scanner are in use.

Check tax invoice books are on hand

Check condition and number of date stamps on hand.

Is postmark impression book being used.

Does the office have a black light and is it working.

Is mail streaming in place.

Email Credit Management 1 week out to confirm amount on stock account.

Check there are no outstanding cash discrepancies in discrepancy management.

Advise Licensee of incoming Licensees training schedule as per Training Calendar

Provide outgoing Licensee "Disclosure of Contact Information of Outgoing Licensee". Disclosure to be completed during visit.

Does the Licensee have a Lease?

How long until the end of term for the lease.

Is there an option on the lease. If so, how long?

If PO Building is rented, advise Licensee that new Licensee needs to provide a signed lease 2 weeks prior to assignment day. If this is not produced, the assignment will be delayed by 2 weeks.

Advise Licensee the stock account will be blocked 2 weeks prior to assignment date. Sufficient supplies of core product will need to be on hand at time of assignment.


General Remarks

General Remarks

General Remarks

General Remarks

General Remarks

Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.