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Project WHS History

Actions from Previous WHS Report

  • Is this the first WHS Report for this project?

  • If applicable, are all previously raised NCR's closed out?

  • Close out NCR's, complaints and any incidents before commencing this report

Project Health and Safety

  • Has a site specific induction been completed for all HRC employees and applicable contractors?

  • Do all employees and contractors on site that are employed by HRC have a White Card?

  • Has Operator ticket/qualification been checked prior to commencing work and copies filed?

  • Does HRC Administration have colour copies of all Operator's tickets/qualifications?

  • Have all Plant operators been assessed as competent by the Project Manager, Site Engineer, Site Foreman or Trainer Assessor? (VOC Form Completed)

  • Have all employees and applicable contractors been assessed as competent in identifying and implementing the correct PPE for the task?

  • Are all employee and applicable contractors competent in the Environmental requires for the site?

  • Do all HRC employees and applicable contractors have access to company policies and procedures - either electronically or hard copies?

  • Are all workers under HRC control wearing required PPE as per SWMS?

SWMS and Risk Assessment

  • Are SWMS present on site?

  • Have all applicable site personnel been inducted into SWMS and have they signed the appropriate pages?

  • Do SWMS specify appropriate controls to eliminate or minimise identified hazards?

  • Have the controls specified in the SWMS been implemented on site?

  • Have the SWMS been reviewed monthly or after any safety incident occurs?

  • Have prestart inspections been conducted for ALL Plant and equipment on a daily basis?

  • Have workers been given the opportunity to provide feedback and/or consultation?

Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment

  • Has a Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment Form been completed for this project?

  • Is the H.I.R.A being reviewed every 3 months or after any safety incidents?

  • Is the risk rating of the hazards appropriate?

  • Are the controls identified adequate and implemented properly?


  • Is the PPE fit for the purpose of the project?

  • Are all workers under HRC control wearing the required PPE as stated in the SWMS?

Site Office Cleanliness

  • Is the level of cleanliness & tidiness in the site office and amenities acceptable?

  • Is office waste stored in the correct bins?

First Aid & Emergency

  • Is a First Aid Kit present and complete?

  • Is a qualified First Aid person on site?

  • Is the First Aid Contact and Emergency Procedures in a location for all to see?

  • Are emergency drills being conducted?

  • Have emergency drills been documented on the appropriate form?

Hazardous Materials & Asbestos

  • Are all data sheets in the MSDS folder current? (Less than 5 years old)

  • Are data sheets for all hazardous materials onsite or available onsite through electronic devices?

  • Are chemicals stored in the correct containers?

  • Are the containers in which chemicals are stored labelled correctly?

  • Is compliance to procedures apparent regarding the storage of oxy, acetylene and fuels?

  • Is the Asbestos Management Plan available onsite and being followed completely and correctly?

  • Is the Asbestos register completed?

  • Are chemicals being stored incompatible in proximity to others in the same location?

  • Is there adequate spill containment equipment or bunding in place?

Fire fighting Equipment

  • Is there at least one Fire Extinguisher in the office/lunchroom and are there Fire Extinguishers on all Plant & Vehicles?

  • Are all Fire Extinguishers on site in test date?

  • Is the Fire Extinguisher clearly signed and labelled?

Electrical Equipment

  • Is the Electrical Tagging Register being maintained?

  • Is electrical tagging up to date?

  • When is the date of next inspection?

  • What is the number of untagged pieces of equipment on site?

Lifting Equipment

  • Is lifting equipment gear recorded in the Lifting Gear Register?

  • Does all lifting gear have a current test certificate?

  • Prior to use, is lifting gear inspected by a competent person to check for defects?

  • Does any lifting equipment require inspection or replacement?

  • What type of lifting equipment gear needs inspection or replacement?

  • Is lifting gear stored correctly?

  • SWL information displayed as per Australian Standard?

Working at Heights Equipment

  • Fall from heights risk (including voids, pits and trenches) controlled?

  • Is there a working at heights permit for harness as the primary control in place before work commences?

  • Has the working at heights equipment been inspected by a competent person?

  • Is the working at Heights Harness tagged?

  • If working at heights on site is there a working at heights rescue plan in place?

  • Is there a VOC and formal training in place for all working at heights?

Authorities & Permits

  • Are Hot Works Permits implemented as per permit instructions?

  • Are Permit to Excavate forms implemented as per procedure?

  • Are Confined Space Permits implemented as per procedure?

  • Have works been held until relevant authorities and permits been received?

  • Are hard copies of all permits/authorities stored in the appropriate folder onsite?


  • Is a Standpipe being used onsite at this location?

  • Standpipe meter reading

  • Please provide a picture of the standpipe reading

Sound Meter

  • Has a sound meter reading been taken on site this month?

  • What is the Decibel reading on site?

Hazardous Manual Handling Tasks

  • Is manual handling tasks in place?

  • Are manual handling risks identified in SWMS?

  • Are adequate manual handling controls in place?

Site Access

  • Is site access controlled?

  • Have there been any blockages or loss of time due to site access?

  • Please provide further details in regards to the blockage and/or loss of time issue due to site access.

Traffic Management Plan

  • Is there a Traffic Management Plan or Vehicle Movement Plan in place for the site?

  • Is traffic control in place?

  • Are there personnel trained in traffic control?

  • What ticket/qualifications do these personnel have?

  • Is there live traffic seperation in place?

  • Is pedestrian access maintained?

  • Are controls adequate and implemented as per the Traffic Management or Vehicle Movement Plan?

Electrical Hazards

  • Are there any electrical leads or tools that are damaged, out of test date or untested?

  • Please provide more information in regards to damaged, untested or out of test date leads or tools.

  • Are any leads placed on the ground, on work surfaces, near sharp or metal structures or not on isolating hooks?

  • Are any ELCB, RCD's or powerboards overloading outlets?

  • Are there any leads/equipment near water, flammables, chemicals or anything that may be damaged from contact with moving machinery or plant?


  • Is there a CEMP in place for the project?

  • Are all applicable workers inducted into the CEMP?

  • Are all applicable workers inducted into the environmental requirements of the site?

  • Has the CEMP been issued to the Supervisor, Personnel on site and the Client?

  • Are activities identified in the CEMP being implemented appropriately?

  • Are silt fences and other environmental controls installed and being maintained?

  • Are safety and environmental checklists being conducted on both a daily & weekly basis?

Environmental Controls

  • Is there a system in place to prevent contaminants entering stormwater, waterways or exiting site (sediment controls)

  • Is stabilised access in place?

  • Are sediment fences in place and correct?

  • Are stockpiles covered?

  • Is dust suppression required?

  • Are we re-using stored water or other natural elements on site?

  • Has all captured sediment been removed?

  • Are excess noise controls and monitoring in place?

  • Are vibration controls and monitoring in place?

  • Have any Environmental NCR's been issued?

  • What has been the nature of these NCR's?

  • Have any EPA/DECCW/Council infringement notices been issued?

  • What was the details in regards to these infringement notices?

Waste Management

  • Is waste material stored in correct containers/locations?

  • Are bins emptied on a regular basis?

  • Are waste tracking (tipping sheets) up to date?

  • Is management of special waste being conducted as per the CEMP?

  • Is lifecycle management of waste on site considered?

  • Is regulated waste transported to the correct facility?

Work Related Incidents

  • Have there been any work related incidents since last PRM?

  • Please provide more details in regards to the incident.

  • Are all incident reports up to date and filed?

  • Have incident investigations been carried out and corrective/preventative action implemented?

  • Have there been any new Workers Compensation claims for this project?

  • Please provide more details in regards to any Workers Compensation claims for this project.

Closing out

  • Project Manager

  • Supervisor

  • Director

  • WHS Coordinator

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