Welcome New Employee

  • Have you obtained copies of any relevant Trade qualifications

  • Have you obtained copies of their "Contractor Induction Card"

Explain Health & Safety laws - relating to F&CSD

  • Have you explained that the employer has a legal obligation towards it's employees and visitors

  • Have you explained that the employee has a legal obligation for themselves, fellow workers & visitors

  • Have you explained that you expect employees to behave in a safe manner at all times and not to put themselves or others at risk

  • Have you explained that F&CSD expect our employees to wear appropriate PPE at all times
    and what PPE the division will supply

OHS Committee Structure

  • Have you explained how, when the F&CSD Safety Committee meets and is structured

  • Have you explained who the HSR,s are

  • Have you explained what the DWG are

  • Have you explained the process for reporting issues to the OHS Committee

Campus and University OHS committee

  • Have you explained how the Campus and University OHS committee is set up and when they meet

  • Have you explained who are the rep's on the above committees

First Aiders

  • Have you explained who are the First Aid Trained staff on the campus

  • Have you explained where their photo / poster is displayed ( notice board)

  • Are Security staff First Aid Trained

  • Does the University provide defibrillators

Operations System - OHS

  • Have you explained the Operation System and how it works

  • Have you explained where the OHS Section is located within the Ops System and what it contains

  • Have you explained the Permit to Work System

Incident and Accident Reporting

  • Have you explained they if they are injured, no matter how minor, they need to report it immediately to their Supervisor

  • Have you explained that I'd they see something that is unsafe they should either fix it immediately or report it to their Supervisor

  • Have you explained that they must send any incident form to the OHS Manager ASAP

  • Have you explained about Worksafe "reportable incidents"

OHS Staff Training

  • Have you asked about if they have any safety qualifications

  • Have you explained - staff training register and schedule

  • Have you asked if they require any special OHS Training

Contractor induction - signin/out

  • Have you explained the Online Induction System

  • Have you explained who needs to be inducted

  • Have you explained how to signin/out our contractors

  • Have you explained the Contractor Audit system

Emergency System

  • Have you explained the University emergency system (Fire system etc...)

  • Have you shown them the evacuation areas

Hazardous Substances and Dangerous Goods

  • Have you discussed with the employee the type of Haz & Dangerous goods the Divisions use

  • Have you explained where they are stored

  • Have you explained why correct storage is important

  • Have you shown the employee where the MSDS register is located

  • Have you explained the importance of MSDS sheets and how to use the sheets

Manual Handling

  • Have you discussed the importance of correct Manual Handling and how it relates to their job

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