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  • Site conducted

  • On-site Sushi Bar Snapshot

  • Conducted by

  • Inspection Date and Time

  • Store Name

  • Store Number

  • Your phone's geolocation should automatically fill the Location field. If it does not, please tap on the location icon below and select the location. Do not type in the address manually.

  • Location
  • Weather

  • How busy is the store?

  • 1. Is the Sushi Chef working?

  • 1a. Is the Sushi Chef wearing proper uniform?

  • 2. Take a photo of the sushi cooler

  • 3. Number of Sushi packs (Sushi SKU only)

  • 4. Number of Sushi SKU (Sushi only, excluding Brown Rice)

  • 5a. Picture of Sushi Product 1

  • 5b. Picture of Sushi Product 2

  • 6. Does the kiosk have both Seaweed and Gyoza?

  • 7. How many packs of Sides are available?

  • 8. How many packs of Teriyaki Bowls are available?

  • 8a. Picture of Teriyaki Bowl

  • 9. Is the current LTO available?

  • 9a. How many packs of the LTO are available?

  • 10. Are the following items available? – Family / Value Packs, All Salmon Combo, Crunch Items

  • 11. Is the DPR (Daily Production Record) filled out correctly?

  • 11a. Picture of DPR (Take a photo of the previous week's DPR and current week's DPR)

  • 12. Is the Cleaning Log filled out correctly?

  • 12a. Picture of Cleaning Log

  • 13. Is the Temperature Log filled out correctly? Check that it doesn't look dry-labbed.

  • 13a. Picture of Temperature Log

  • 14. Are pH test strips (or pH meter and pH buffer solution) available and in good working condition (ie. not expired, and/or functional and calibrated)?

  • For pH TEST STRIPS: Check that the pH test strips are not expired.
    For pH METER: Check that the pH meter is working (able to turn on) and calibrated. Check that the pH buffer solution is not expired.

    Snapshot pH.PNG
  • 15. Immediate follow-up needed?

  • 16. Additional Comments [If Yes, specify comments under 'Notes' and 'Photos']

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