• Document No.

  • Audit Title

  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Personnel

  • Select date

  • Purpose of visit

  • Purpose of visit

HomeSafe & DriveSafe

  • Driving behaviours

  • Notes: Review of telematics report/ conceptual speeding.

  • Effective Hazard Analysis/ Risk Assessment carried out throughout the visit?

  • Notes: could the engineer explain hazards identified and actions taken.

  • Correct use of all equipment during the visit?

  • Notes: Could the work environment have been made safer?

  • Overall Safety behaviour during visit?

  • Notes: open to sharing details of hazards, talked positively about safety, comfortable throughout visit?

Service Excellence

  • Provided demo on apps for all customers?

  • Notes: has the engineer shown the customer something new?

  • On demand set up and demonstrated for all customers?

  • Notes: Wired/ Wireless bridge used? Process followed for activation?

  • Broadband checked for all customers?

  • Notes: Set up checked to optimise speed.

  • Courtesy call offered for all customers?

  • Notes: Tailored to customer requirements?

  • Tailored customer demonstrations?

  • Notes: Level of detail/ interactive/ engaged?

  • Customer feedback- What's great for the customer and what's not?


  • Photos of job

  • Was job carried out to a level of excellence<br>

  • Notes: Customer walk through/ Dish location suitable/ cables clipped to standard/ holes sealed/ damage avoidance?


  • Coaching interventions required?

  • Notes

  • Verification, what actions and timescales have been set?

  • Performance interventions required?

  • Notes

  • Health & Wellbeing interventions required?

  • Notes or actions

Engineer feedback/ discussion notes/ Support

  • Review of Business topics?

  • Notes: Team Time attendance/ Today@Sky Briefs?

  • Specific engineer requests/ requirements?

  • Notes: What's hot for the engineer and what's not?

  • Record of Discussion

Closing visit

  • Select date

  • Team Manager

  • Employee

  • Review date & Actions

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