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  • Min/Max Adherence: No overflow condition exists. Supplies, components, WIP, FG, and empty packaging are within defined limits. No parts are on the floor.

  • Unused tools, parts, or equipment: Area is free of unused tools, equipment or parts - and free of those used by other departments.

  • Slip/Trip Hazards: Area is free of trip/slip hazards

  • Coat racks and personal belonging cabinets: Fixtures and area are clean and well organized.

  • Floor: Floor appears clean and recently swept/mopped with no buck chips.

  • Movable items: Silicone bins are identified and properly organized.

  • Min/Max Inventory levels defined and followed: Min and Max inventor levels for Silicone Bins are defined and inventory is within prescribed range.

  • End of Shift 5S Expectations are posted: 5S Expectations (Form 4766) is available for every employee.

  • LD Appliques: LD Appliques are being stored ready for use - not dirty.

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