Park Operations Refresher Checklist

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Purpose: To list an overview of learning outcomes involved when training a team member on park operations & procedures and to document learning outcomes

Scope: This Checklist will be used to document all Operations team members that have satisfactorily completed Park Refresher training. Team members will certify that they have received training on each learning outcome, acknowledge & understand those outcomes by placing a ‘S’ in the corresponding box and signing the Team Member Signature

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Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrates and displays knowledge of the importance of maintaining the correct posture, position, a professional image and remaining in the designated area of responsibility and the correct manual handling technique for all pool and attractions
    Demonstrates and displays knowledge of all emergency codes & rescue signals & procedures including –
    - water entry rescues and major emergencies
    - minor first aid incident
    - recognises a minor first aid incident & ensures guests are asked if they require treatment
    - simulated emergency (VAT)
    - all hand & whistle signals
    - clear verbal instructions & hand signals
    - use of the two-way, codes and procedures
    - location of internal and external assembly points

  • Team Member Initial:

  • Ensures the safety of guests at all times by demonstrating -
    - knowledge of the correct operating procedures for all pools and attractions
    - where the emergency stop buttons are located and what they are used for
    - water entry rescue procedures
    - an effective scanning technique for all areas of responsibility on all pools
    - knowledge of local Child Supervision Rules
    - observing the water volume, speed, flow, clarity and visibility for all pools and attractions
    - all height and weight requirements for all pools and attractions
    - ride restrictions including: eyewear, pregnancy and guests with casts or any hard brace on their limbs. Guests with epilepsy, heart, neck or back conditions may not ride
    - guests with any form of physical impairment
    - guests with special needs
    - guests with an amputation or prosthesis
    - guests with injuries to their arms or upper body
    - assess an individual’s riding capabilities for any other visible injuries
    - footwear, swimwear with exposed zippers, rivets, buckles or metal ornamentation, large watches with protruding metal sections and jewellery of the same description and any guests who may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol

  • Team Member Initial:

  • Displays knowledge of the below –
    - first aid room, guest services, retail outlets, main change rooms locations
    - staff locker room and dining areas and food outlets locations
    - opening and closing procedures for all pools and attractions
    - aquatic team members policies and procedures

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Trainer / Supervisor Information

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All learning outcomes for Park Refresher training and relevant information have been satisfactorily completed

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