Duty of Care

  • Has documentation of event WHS been sighted?

  • Has a worksite Job Risk Analysis been conducted?

  • Has person in charge had a site specific induction by LCC staff?

  • Are safety warning devices available(ie barriers,fencing,traffic cones)?

  • Has every care been taken to prevent injury to public

  • Have suitable safety signs been installed at correct locations?

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Employee/Volunteer Safety

  • Required PPE worn by all on site:(including sun protection)?

  • Is a first aid officer on site?

  • Is a first aid kit on site and location clearly identified?

  • Comments


  • Does an emergency evacuation procedure exist?

  • Are all participants trained in the emergency Evacuation?

  • Is there an appropriately authorized person that has access to switchboard locations and other electrical isolation points?

  • Are on ground emergency facilities and contact phone numbers available?

  • Comments


  • Has the communication system been tested?

  • Is the communication system workable in an emergency and self sufficient?

  • Is there one central control person who is the central control in an emergency?

  • Has adequate security training been provided?

  • Comments

Vehicle Movement

  • Is a person on site with traffic management accreditation?

  • Are plant operators competent?

  • Vehicle movements restricted?

  • Traffic management plan/procedure exist?

  • Are equipment/truck movements supervised?

  • All vehicles registered?

  • Are loads being secured prior to moving?

  • Are loading facilities adequate?

  • Have provisions been made for the movement of fire,police and ambulance?

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  • Are all electrical equipment/cables tagged?

  • Are all cables covered to prevent tripping?

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Fire Safety

  • Are fire extinguishers/blankets available on site?

  • Is the location of the fire extinguishers/blankets clearly indicated?

  • Comments


  • Are all electrical equipment/cables tagged?

  • Are all cables covered to prevent tripping?

  • Are hazardous substances/gas bottles stored correctly?

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Temporary Structures

  • Have underground services been located prior to work?

  • Have powerline hazards been considered?

  • Are there any manual handling risks?

  • Can manual handling be performed with low risk of injury?

  • Are there security arrangements in place?

  • Temporary Occupancy Permit been obtained?

  • Does a Place of Assembly licence exist?

  • Tops of anchor stakes are covered or highlighted?

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Permanent Buildings

  • Footpaths clean and free of trip hazards?

  • Signage suitable and secure?

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  • Is alcohol served?

  • Has a licence been obtained?

  • Comments

Disability Access

  • Has Disability Access been considered?

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  • Other comments

  • Plan info

  • Improvements for next event

  • Parks Compliance Auditor

  • Event Supervisor

  • Time of audit

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