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Prior to Run

  • Has part traceability been set up? (Are labels set up and working correctly?)

  • Has the packaging been defined, and the work instructions updated?

  • Have spare parts been ordered? (Including parts/components with long lead times, or any items that could potentially stop production)

  • Has the training matrix been updated?

  • Is the training rollout plan completed?

  • Is there a trained primary and back-up team member, and are the trained operators available for the PDR?

  • Have all set up parts, been removed from the area?

  • Is the correct racking/packaging available?

  • Are all components in the area FIFO, and parts coming to area also FIFO?


  • Is the floor layout complete with the correct number of operators?


  • W.I. completed?

  • Control Plan completed?

  • Process Flow completed?

  • PFMEA completed?

  • Is there a separate rework W.I. completed or are rework methods identified in W.I.?

Red Rabbit Testing

  • Do the "red rabbit" test parts have specific location and are they labeled? (poka yoke checks)

  • Verify all Poka-Yokes are working correctly.

  • Is the "red rabbit" test frequency identified and verification of checks documented?


  • Boundary sample board completed?

  • Is there a specific location identified for work instructions?

  • Non conforming part and component locations identified?

  • Has all equipment that requires calibration been calibrated with documented evidence?

  • Is all packaging clean and free from tape, dust, and debris?

Process Highlights

  • Process

  • Process Description

  • Total PDR hours to be completed

  • Total Parts Attempted

  • Cycle time

  • Number of good parts that must be produced

  • Maximum scrap/rework allowed


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