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General Information

  • Audit response options are as follows

  • Conforming: Item meets standard for conformance

  • NC - Minor: Non-conformance that does not require stopping or sorting activity

  • NC - Major: Non-conformance that requires stopping the operation to fix, contact Quality Manager immediately


  • Has the CMM been calibrated?

  • Has the Romer Arm been calibated?

  • Are the scale calibration records up to date?

  • Verify there aren't any expired deliverables in QDA

  • Verify all posted documentation in the area is either controlled or deemed "Reference Only"

Mecmesin Pull Test Stand

  • Has the pull tested been calibrated?

  • Verify pull testing data is up to date

Torque Testing

  • Verify torque data collection was completed as scheduled

  • Ensure torque data collection visual validation document was updated as scheduled

Choose an assembly gauge and verify the following

  • Calibration completion (every 2 years)

  • Preventative maintenance completed (per the schedule posted on PRIDE board)

  • Annual Part Layout

  • Annual Dial Indicator Calibration

Choose a metrology lab measuring device to audit

  • Calibration per the schedule

  • Presence of calibration label

  • Preventative Maintenance if applicable

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