Product Details

  • Date and time of Assessment

  • Best Before

  • Packed On

  • Sample Location

  • Grower/Pivot

  • Variety

  • Product

  • Product Temperature

  • Traceability No:

  • Core Temperature in degrees

  • Coding Correct and legible

  • Has a retention sample been taken?

Physical Test

  • Firm (not spongy or soft)

  • Foreign or off smell

  • Bright

  • Smooth skin

  • Product Acceptable

Major Defects

  • 2% or less per Crate / Packs

  • Scab

  • Major Damage
    (>2 mm wide and 10mm long), Red image in Coles phot specification and greater

  • Malformation
    Red image in grading spec

  • Rhizoctonia

  • Lenticels / Spot rot.
    Black and greater than 5mm in diameter. Any bid own or sunken halos. Red on Coles spec

  • Soft or Spongy

  • Fleck, Black Heart, Hollow Heart
    (See waste Chart)

  • Bruising/Discolorisation greater than 1mm deep

  • Sprouting/shooting

  • Greening

  • Rots/Moulds/Breakdown

  • Total Major defects

  • On=pass. Off=knockout

Minor Defects

  • 10% or less per Crate/Pack. Defects should be <2cm squared unless stated otherwise.

  • Skin marks/Russet

  • Damage , less than for majors. Amber levels on Coles photo Specification

  • Secondary growth - amber on Coles photo spec

  • Rhizoctonia, present but not at red levels in grading chart. To be added to Coles spec.

  • Lenticels/Spot rot. White Brown and up to 1mm not a defect. 1-5mm a minor defect regardless of color. Amber on Coles photo spec.

  • Bruising less than 1mm in depth

  • Budding

  • Malformations, amber level in Coles photo spec

  • Skinning greater than 2cm squared

  • Webbing greater than 25% surface area.

  • Total Minor Defects

  • On=pass. Off=knockout

Action taken if out of specification

  • Fixed cause. Isolated and re-graded stock

  • Outside of standard specification but will meet current variation to specification

  • Does not meet specification but decision to send made by management

  • Does not meet specification. Packaging ceased and affected stock isolated or diverted

  • Details of defects present and action taken if applicable.

  • Signature

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