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  • Conducted on

  • Conducted by

  • Finished product SKU & Description

  • Team Leaders Name

Line Information

  • Is the correct product specification on the line for this sku?

  • Has the line hygiene and glass audit been completed?

  • Is the line clean & tidy?

  • Has the 30min checks been completed on the line?

Layerside Stock Check

  • Record the incoming layerside Sku code

  • Does the Sku code match the code on the specification?

  • Record the BBD from the incoming layerside sku's

  • Does this meet the minimum required shelf life?

Layerside Sku Check / Packaging Checks

  • What is the UIC number from the carton on the line?

  • Does the UIC number match the Spec sheet?

  • What is the UIC code on the finished outer case?

  • Does the UIC number match the Spec sheet?

End Of Line Check

  • Remove one case of finished goods to be inspected.

  • Is the case sealed correctly?

  • What is the BBD code on the outer case?

  • Does the date match the BBD on the incoming layaside sku?

  • Does the BBD on the inner packed cartons match the date on the layerside sku?

  • Does the outercase contain the correct number of cartons inside?

  • Does the BB date on the inner packed cartons match the outer case?

  • Is the BBD printed clearly & legible?

  • Are the cartons sealed correctly?

  • Is the pallet build-up plan correct?

  • Is the correct pallet type being used?

  • Check the finished pallet printed label has the correct Info

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