• Tree: Single stem at ground level over 8 metres tall
    Shrub: Multi-stemmed under 8metres tall
    Herb: Plant which does not have woody stems
    Grass: Plants with long narrow leaves and jointed stems
    Climber: Plant that derives it's support from climbing, twining or creeping
    Prostrate: A plant with horizontal shoots close to the ground

  • Tick the description that best describes the habit (form) of the plant

Flower shape

  • no label
  • What shape are the flowers.

Flower arrangement

  • no label
  • What is the flower arrangement?

Simple or compound leaf

  • no label
  • Simple or compound leaf?

Leaf shape

  • no label
  • What shape is the leaf?

Leaf arrangement

  • no label
  • What is the leaf arrangement?

Plant specimen

  • Common Name:

  • Botanical (scientific) name:

  • Family name:

  • Other characteristics:

  • Insert a photograph of your plant specimen

  • Signature

  • Date

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