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Section 1 Fire and Life Safety

Means of Escape

  • Evacuation routes clear of obstructions

  • Evacuation routes lead to open space

  • Final exits clear of obstructions for two metres

  • Final exits of any adjoining properties are clear of obstructions

Exit Doors and Penetrations

  • Door hardware is the correct type

  • Door locking mechanisms are the correct type

  • Auto doors open upon alarm or slide manually with no greater than 110 Newtons force

  • Doors along evacuation routes are unlocked/unobstructed

  • Fire/Smoke Doors are unobstructed and undamaged (includes closers working and no chocks)

  • Current maintenance records for all fire doors

  • Fire/Smoke walls are free from unprotected penetration

Evacuation Signs/Diagrams

  • The Building or Tenancy has evacuation diagrams

  • Evacuation Diagrams show correct "fire safety reference points"

  • Evacuation Diagrams are securely fastened and correct height

  • Evacuation Diagrams are orientated correctly to the position within the building

  • Evacuation Diagrams are correctly located on each evacuation route within the building

Exit Signs/Emergency Lighting

  • Exit Signs/Emergency Lighting are undamaged

  • Exit Signs are unobstructed

  • Exit Signs are in the correct locations

  • Current maintenance records for Exit Signs/Emergency Lighting

Fire Extinguishers

  • All fire extinguishers and blankets are correctly maintained

  • Current maintenance records for fire extinguishers and blankets

  • Fire Extinguishers are identified correctly

  • Fire Extinguishers are available in critical areas.

  • Fire Extinguishers are clear from obstructions and mounted correctly

  • Fire Extinguishers are in working order

Fire Hose Reels

  • All fire hose reels are correctly maintained

  • Current maintenance records for all fire hose reels

  • Fire hose use identified correctly

  • Fire hose reels clear from obstructions

  • Fire hose reels are in working order

Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

  • Fire detection and alarm system operating with no isolations or faults indicating

  • Current maintenance records for fire detection and alarm system

  • If fire detection and alarm system is not connected to the fire service, are manual call points signed to "Call 000" or international equivalent

Evacuation Systems

  • Evacuation System is in "auto" with no zones isolated or in fault

  • Current maintenance records for Evacuation System

Sprinkler System

  • Is sprinkler booster installation undamaged

  • Are sprinkler heads serviceable with a minimum 1 metre clearance

  • Current maintenance records for sprinkler system

Hydrant System

  • Is fire hydrant booster installation undamaged

  • Are all fire hydrants undamaged

  • Current maintenance records for hydrants

Smoke and Heat Ventilation System

  • Current maintenance records for smoke and heat ventilation system

Emergency Lift - Fire Service Control

  • Current maintenance records for Emergency Lifts

Fire and Life Safety Housekeeping

  • Housekeeping acceptable directly relating to fire and trip hazards

  • Business Identification evident at front and rear for premise for emergency services

Evacuation Plans

  • Fire and Evacuation Plan (manual) in place

  • Managing entity and secondary occupiers' Fire and Evacuation Plan for multi-occupancy buildings

  • Fire and Evacuation plans kept in specified form

  • Procedure in place to evacuate persons with special needs

  • All Fire and Evacuation plans available upon request

  • Fire and Evacuation plans current and reviewed annually

Fire and Evacuation Instruction

  • General Evacuation Instructions given

  • Current records for general evacuation instructions kept

  • First Response evacuation instructions given

  • Current records for First Response evacuation instructions kept

  • Evacuation coordination instructions given

  • Current records for evacuation coordination instructions kept

  • Evacuation practice conducted annually

  • Current evacuation practice records kept

  • Procedure in place to provide adequate instruction to prescribed persons

Company Emergency Procedures

  • Fire Wardens nominated for this premise are listed

  • Emergency telephone numbers displayed

Electrical and Power Distribution Boards (PDB's)

  • Thermal Imaging performed in the last 12 months

  • All PDB's clear of obstructions to 1m

  • All PDB's clear of combustibles to 2m

  • All electrical cords tested and tagged to current date (Aust Only)

  • All electrical outlets in good repair and suitable to company requirements

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Receiving Team Members utilizing appropriate PPE

  • Team Members using or involved in the use of pallet jack or walkie stacker wearing appropriate PPE

  • PPE available and unitized for balloon filling/helium use

  • Shared PPE is available for use in controlled areas

Hazardous Chemicals

  • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for ALL chemicals on site

  • Chemicals are stored correctly

  • Chemical spill equipment and procedures

  • Chemical signage appropriately displayed

  • Team Members/Contractors aware of correct use and handling of chemicals

Store Equipment

  • All mechanical lifting aids serviceable and operational

  • All ladders and steps serviceable and operational

  • Stairways/Stairwells safe and functional

  • Vertical transport/Travelators/Escalators serviceable and operational

  • Mechanical Rolling Machine/s serviceable and operational

  • POS Fatigue Mats utilized


  • External Lighting sufficient for Team/Customer safety

  • Internal lighting sufficient for Team/Customer safety

  • Entry/Exit points appropriately lit for Team/Customer safety

  • Vandalism/Antisocial behavior inhibited by external lighting positioning

First Aid

  • First Aid Kits are accessible

  • First Aid Kits are identified correctly

  • First Aid kits are checked and stocked regularly

Legal Requirements/Liability

  • Full compliance with product recall requirements

  • Aerosols/Volatile Substances/Dangerous articles displayed and signed correctly

  • Company Workplace Notices displayed correctly

  • Water Pool is operationally compliant

  • Public Liability/Team Member Incidents recorded and communicated correctly

  • ACCC Compliance issues addressed correctly

Slip/Trip/Fall Hazards

  • Internal/External surfaces in good condition

  • Climbing pinnacle operationally compliant

  • Receiving and retail areas clear of slip, trip or fall hazards

  • Contractors and Team aware of management requirements for slip, trip or fall hazards.

Section Result

  • Fire and Life Safety collective result is acceptable to company standards

Notes and Comments

  • Report conclusion including any recommendations.

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