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  • Contract lift or crane hire

  • Documentation for people

  • Documentation for crane; rated capacity charts, instruction manuals, reports of lifting equipment thorough examinations/test certificates (maximum 12 months), records of maintenance, record of weekly inspection

  • Documentation for lifting equipment and accessories, reports of lifting accessory thorough examinations/ test certificates (maximum 6 months), pre start inspections

  • Description of object being lifted, including lifting equipment, evidence of how weight is established

Load centre of gravity

  • Is load an awkward shape?

  • Is load A symmetrical?

  • Are there other items of equipment attached to the load? (Motors, pumps, heat exchangers, platforms etc)

  • If load is awkward, A symmetrical, or has other equipment attached, a calculation of the centre of gravity is required.

Lifting considerations

  • How will the stiction between the base and load be broken?

  • Will the load be affected by stiction?

  • Will the load be returnable?

  • Non returnable loads require 100% FOS

  • Guidelines required to control load movement?

  • Load lay down area adequate to land load?

  • What underground services are there?

  • What are the ground conditions?

  • How will the Contractor prevent the item from rolling/moving/sinking once it is landed?

  • How will the item be picked up again?


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