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  • Are HACCP programs in place covering allergen risks in the total production chain – from receiving and storage of raw materials to finished product?

  • Do those working with food production receive regular allergen training?

  • Are there procedures in place on how recipe changes are to be handled in production including information to production staff?

  • Are there procedures in place to ensure that prior approval by the responsible persons within the company is needed before changes<br>are made to suppliers of raw materials, processing aids, etc?

  • Are employees encouraged to immediately report suspected contamination, incorrect labeling, etc., and are there procedures in place?

  • Are regular internal audits conducted to ensure compliance with the general requirements for control of allergens?

Raw materials: Receiving, storage, weighing

  • Is the risk for allergen contamination considered prior to purchasing and receiving new raw materials?

  • Are there procedures in place at reception of raw materials, ingredients and intermediate goods to verify that the correct material has been delivered?

  • Are allergenic raw materials, ingredients and intermediate goods kept separate from each other and from other foods so the risk of contamination is minimized?

Production, premises and equipment

  • Are instructions on how to prevent contamination clearly presented or readily available in the production area?

  • Are premises, equipment, and work tools designed so that they are easy to clean and that contamination between products and<br>production lines is minimised?

  • Do maintenance personnel have knowledge about hygiene design to minimize the risk of contamination, e.g., through proper design of piping, elbows and bends, pumps, etc.?

  • Are schedules for maintenance of the premises and equipment in place?

  • Are there hygiene rules for all personnel, covering, e.g., clothing, hand-washing and hand contact with foods?

  • Are there procedures in place to ensure that the correct raw materials are always used?

  • Are there procedures in place to ensure that the correct recipe is always used?

  • Are there clear procedures in place for production sequencing and how this is determined?

  • Are there procedures in place to ensure that the packaging material used is correct for the product?

  • Do production staff carry out a continuous review of possible situations for cross-contamination between products or production lines?

  • Are there procedures in place for the use of rework (internally recycled product)?

  • Is there a procedure in place for traceability of rework used in the finished product?

  • Are there procedures in place for handling products that do not fulfil specifications?

Cleaning and controls

  • Are there clear instructions in place for the cleaning of premises, equipment and work tools?

  • Are there clear instructions for the cleaning required between production of different products on the same production line?

  • Are there procedures for, when relevant, testing a food after manufacturing, in order to confirm that no unintentional exposure to<br>allergen has occurred?


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