Is the front door free of cobwebs and dust?

Is the area in front of the door free of rubbish?

Does the door display accurate opening hours?

Is the front door and front window glass free from marks?

Is the front area floor clean and tidy?

Is the external space welcoming in your opinion?


Does the Reception area present well?

Is the reception area clear of personal items?

Is the member section inviting in your opinion?

Had Gymsales been updated in the last 3 hours?

Is the seating area tidy?

Are club magazines available for members/prospects and neatly presented?

Is our signage in the reception/member area in 'clip frames' and updated/onbrand?

Do you have a member board (blackboard or notice board)?

Does this show something relevant and inspiring to members/guest?

Is the reception desk clear - with two or less items 'resting on the desk' eg pricing and business cards...?

Is the member/seating area dusty? (Check product section and 'dust' with finger)

Is there a 'childcare' zone designated for kids to stay in during sessions when parents are in speedfit?

Is this child section very clean and well presented?

Is this section safe and well set for kids?

Are coaches in full uniform?

Are the walls clean and mark free?

Is the gym floor clean and mark free?

Is equipment cleaned between and after each session? (or as req.)

Is the studio equipment set up in a neat and presentable fashion?

Are the machines kept clean and dust free? (Rub finger on areas not often used, corners etc and check for dust)

Are the walls dusted?

Are the TVs dusted and mark free?

Is the water fountain mark free and clean?


Is the suit up area kept to suitable standard?

Is the area fit for its purpose?

Is the area kept clean and neat?

Are the relevant cleaning materials easily available?


Are there Fresh clean glasses available?

Is the area acceptable in terms of presentation/neatness?

Are all products available and presented well?

Is the sink very clean?

Are there silver cups available for clients?


Are the change areas kept very clean?

Are the floors free from dust and dirt?

Are the walls free from dust and dirt?

Are there hangers available?

Are there lockers available? (working and clean)

Are the change rooms well presented?

Do the change rooms have relevant and current marketing presented in clip frames?


Are the bathroom doors clean back and front?

Are the sinks tidy and mark free?

Is there soap, toilet paper, deoderant etc ready for use in bathroom?

Is the mirrow clean?

is the bathroom floor clean?

Are towels replaced daily?

Are the advertising clip frames current and on brand with relevant marketing materials (eg. no old programs or items with no dates etc..)


Is equipment stored safely?

Are the staff appliances (eg microwave) clean and working?

Are personal belongings stored here out of member sight?

Is equipment stored in a neat fashion and everything has it's place?

Are cleaning products neat and tidy?

STUDIO TWO (If applicable)

If applicable is this area at a good standard (use training zone questions to measure standard)?


Does the club have 10 plus Google reviews (all responded to)?

Do the Gymsales and Spreadsheet numbers match for the month? (allowance of 3 units in the difference)

Are all trainers current in their relevant certs? eg First aid etc... (And can I see and track easily)

Does the club have a branded voicemail set up?

Are all messages cleared on the phone?

Are long term suspensions kept to a minimum? (12 weeks max and if over 12, notes on why shown?)

Is there a current first aid kit available?

Is there a defib available and checked up to date?

Are all the club social media messages responded to? (currently)

Have we Replied to emails, starred them and filter them away?


Would you say listening/watching the session currently the coach is commanding the session?

Is the coach ensuring the client is enjoying themselves?

Are they making the experience enjoyable and fun where possible/appropriate?

Is the coach engaging with members and those that walk in during sessions (where possible)?

Does the coach pick up on notes in the system pre coaching clients?

Is the music/audio in the club at a good level?

Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.