Title Page

Tenant Checkout Details

  • Exterior Photo

  • Property

  • Audit Title

  • Document No.

  • Conducted on

  • Moving Out Date

  • Note on refund for rent?

  • Tenant Present?

  • Tenant's Representative

Tenant Details

Tenant's Details

  • Have you collected the tenant's forwarding address?

Contact Details

  • Address

  • Email Address

  • Contact Telephone No.


  • Has the tenant returned all sets of keys for the property?

  • Are more keys required (min. 3)

Property Overview

Property Overview

  • Will the carpets need cleaning?

  • Will chimney's need sweeping?

  • Will windows require cleaning?

  • Will the garden require attention?


  • Does the property release a garage?

  • Which garage and where?

  • Has the tenant returned the garage keys?


Property Repairs

  • Please add each repair, as required

  • Issue


  • Is the problem interior or exterior?

  • Issue category

  • Description of the problem

  • Photo, if applicable


Gas Supply

  • Does the property have a gas supply?

  • Current gas supplier?

  • Other gas supplier

  • Describe the location?

  • Take a photo of the meter showing the meter location and number


  • Does the property have an electricity supply?

  • Current Electricity supplier

  • Other Electricity supplier

  • Describe the location

  • Take a photo of the electricity meter showing the location and meter number


  • Does the mains water supply have a meter?

  • Current water supplier

  • Other water supplier

  • Is the water supply metered?

  • Location of water meter

  • Take a photo of the water meter showing the location and meter number

Security & Safety

Safety & Security

  • Is there a working smoke alarm on each floor?

  • Please describe the problem (i.e. alarm missing from first floor landing)

  • How many alarms are required?

  • Are there working CO2 alarms near every open fire / woodburner?

  • How many are required?

  • Describe the location(s) of the required alarm

  • How many?

  • Does the property have a burglar alarm?

Appliances & Heating


  • Select each kitchen appliance which may need attention

  • Take photos showing each appliance requiring attention

Heating & Energy

  • Does the property have a gas boiler or immersion tank?

  • Take a photo showing location, make and model of boiler

  • Describe the heating solution

Other Heating

  • Select all that apply

  • How many Gas heating appliances?

  • How many Open Fires?

Exterior & Garden

Deposit and Rent

  • Did the tenant pay a deposit?

  • What was the deposit amount?

  • Are there reductions to make on return of the deposit?

  • How much?

  • What reasons are there for reducing the returnable deposit amount?

  • Please sign to show agreement.

Condition Summary

General Condition

  • How would you rate the following?

  • Interior Decoration

  • Windows

  • Doors

  • Carpets / Floors

  • Roof

  • Gutters

  • Exterior Walls

  • Garden

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