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  • Drill Audit

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Engine Hours -

  • Drill ID


  • Oil, Water to Required Level

  • Any Visible Leaks (oil/water)

  • All Hoses free of damage and fuel injector line clamps tight

  • Drive shaft greased and no excessive movement in universals or bearings


  • Operators seat serviceable

  • Housekeeping to required standard

  • First aid kit in Cab and serviceable

  • All levers and controls serviceable

  • Engine/operating gauges serviceable

  • Windows clean and free of cracks

  • Operation of doors and latches

  • Serviceability of door seals

  • 2-way/mine radio serviceable

  • Is cab pressuriser monitor functional


  • Fire extinguishers & suppression system serviceable, tagged and within date

  • Tracks and rollers serviceable

  • Tracks to correct tension

  • All lights working and serviceable

  • Battery isolator is a lockable type and serviceable

  • Test for dead on starter isolator (engine should not start or wind over)

  • Carousel, A frame and tower free from damage, and no visible cracking

  • Hydraulics and compressor fluids to correct level

  • Air pipelines, hoses and couplings are to required standards and free from defects

  • Regulators, hoses and accessories installed correctly and free from visible defects

  • Pump drive box free of damage and oil at correct level

  • Mast cap bolts tight and free of damage

  • Equaliser bar free of visible cracking

  • Dust skirts in good order and dust collector housing has no holes

Machine Guarding

  • All machine guarding in good repair and in place

  • Machine guarding made to required standards

  • Guarding can be removed for maintenance purposes

Pressure Vessel

  • Pressure vessels are free from visible defects

  • Pressure vessel statutory inspections are up to date

  • All pipelines, hoses and couplings are to required standards and free of defects

  • Air hose whip checks in place

  • Regulators, hoses and accessories installed correctly and free from visible defects

Access systems

  • Secondary access ladder(s) free of damage

  • Permanent access systems - stairs, walkways, handrails etc, to required standards and free of damage

Personal Protective Equipment

  • Are work areas signposted where mandatory use of PPE is required

  • Is appropriate PPE available where required

  • Is PPE used where required and maintained by operators

  • Is appropriate respiratory protection provided in hazardous areas, eg. Dusty environment

Notices and Signs

  • Are appropriate notices and signs placed at suitable locations around the workplace - Check rods out of ground (Sticker) - Stability Limits (Sticker) - First aid kit (Sticker) - Drill Bit Performance (Sticker) - Emergency procedure (Sticker)

  • Are signs the correct size, colour, shape etc, as per standards, and positioned to ensure they are seen and understood

  • Are notices and signs free of damage - Can they be clearly read and understood


  • Name of person conducting audit

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