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General Requirements

  • Ducting and pits completed as per plan

  • Signals hardware completed as per plan

  • Loops installed and connected as per plan

  • Controller installed and connected to power

  • Location of earth electrode

  • Earth electrode installation as per UMS 600/033 and AS/NZS:3000

  • No bare copper visible at terminals - AS/NZS:3000

  • Controller operation checked on site

  • Vehicle and pedestrian input operation tested

  • Disused cables removed or terminated - AS/NZS:3000

  • Footpaths, roadway and kerbs reinstated

  • Intersection left clean and tidy

  • Comments


  • QTC

  • Installed Modules:-
    Command Module CM3264
    Spare x 2
    Loop Input Module LIM 1616DW
    Signal Group Module x 4 SGM 524
    Power Supply Module PSM 100

  • Eclipse

  • Installed Modules:-
    Processor Card CPM-1a
    Spare x 2
    Detector LDM-416
    Lamp Control x 2 LCM-8
    Power Supply Module PSM

  • Tyco PSC3

  • Installed Modules:-
    Processor Plus
    Power Supply
    Detector PD 212
    Detector PD 216
    Lamp Control

  • Philips PSC Mk2

  • Installed Modules:-
    Power Supply
    Detector PD 212
    Power Interface
    Lamp Control Low Power
    Lamp Supply


  • Installed Modules:-
    Power Supply
    4 S.G. O/P PWR TC400-240
    Spare R8080
    EIM 16CH TC400-65
    Spare x 2 R8080
    Logic Processor TC400-45

  • LCM make and model

  • Modem make and model

  • VID make and model

  • VID MUX make and model

  • Network Switch make and model

  • Certificate of Test for controller modifications affixed

  • Accurate "As Constructed" plan in controller

  • Multicore terminations tight (tug test)

  • "E" block LV terminal is red

  • VID panel(s) installed

  • Loop terminations tight

  • Loops numbering complies with UMS 600/021 notes 6 & 7

  • Linking connected

  • LCM installed

  • Connected to SCATS

  • Comms connected to :-

  • Screed available and matches plan in controller

  • Action book available in controller

  • LCB overlay reflects signal groups

  • Spare cores effectively earthed in controller

  • ADSL comms surge diverter installed/upgraded

  • A/T relay connected using correct cable colours

  • Conduits sealed as per UMS 600/033

  • Site ID plate fitted

  • Auxiliary power supplies installed for VID and modem

  • Top hat installed and connected

  • Additional circuit breakers installed

  • Generator panel installed

  • Comments

Hardware Installation

  • Post mounting and footings as per UMS 600/060

  • Post alignment as per plan

  • Joint Use pole specification as per UMS 600/052

  • Mast arm specification as per UMS 600/053

  • Rate 2 earthing as per UMS 600/052, 600/053 & Energex PLCM page 1-2-833

  • Joint Use poles numbered to Energex requirements

  • 2 sources of supply stickers affixed as per UMS 600/050

  • JU pole signal junction boxes as per UMS 600/041

  • Post multicore terminations as per UMS 600/040 (finial) 600/041 (J-box)<br>

  • Post multicore terminations tight (tug test)

  • Redundant holes in posts, out reaches and enclosures plugged to AS/NZS:3000

  • Vehicle lanterns mounted as per UMS 600/050

  • Quick disconnect lamp isolation installed for new / replacement lanterns

  • Lantern locking washers installed as per UMS 600/046 for new / replacement lanterns

  • Vehicle lanterns aligned to appropriate traffic lanes

  • Vehicle lanterns visible

  • Vehicle lantern cowls (visors) as per plan

  • Lantern doors fully closed

  • Ped lanterns and push buttons as per plan

  • Ped lantern, A/T and push button mounting as per UMS 600/051

  • Ped lanterns aligned to centre of associated crossings

  • Ped lanterns visible

  • Ped lantern doors fully closed

  • Push button alignment as per UMS 600/051

  • A/T driver mounting as per UMS 600/051 (post) 600/050 (JU)

  • Ped/cyclist stickers affixed as per UMS 600/051

  • All cabling effectively secured to post

  • Comments


  • 75mm slab installed around controller base as per UMS 600/033

  • Pit lids compliant with UMS 600/030 and fitted correctly

  • Electrical road crossings as per plan

  • Kerb ramps installed as per UMS 216

  • Pole bases grouted as per UMS 600/050 (JU) or 600/060 (post)

  • Post setback as per UMS 600/060

  • JU pole setback as per Energex Public Lighting Construction Manual

  • Landscaping completed

  • "E" and "C" markers installed as per UMS 600/024

  • Conduit depths comply with UMS 600/024 (LV) and 600/026 (ELV)

  • Shallow conduit markers as per UMS 600/024

  • Loop saw cut entry as per UMS 600/020

  • Loops cut and sealed as per UMS 600/021

  • Loop lead-ins jointed and numbered as per UMS 600/021

  • Loop locations as per plan

  • Line marking as per plan

  • Comments

Signal Operation

  • Vehicle lanterns flashed

  • Vehicle lanterns run

  • Ped lanterns flashed

  • Ped lanterns run

  • P/B inputs checked

  • P/B inputs driving correct group

  • Loop detectors checked

  • Loop inputs checked

  • Loop inputs driving correct group

  • A/T relay operational

  • A/T operation checked

  • Linking communicating

  • Comments

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