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  • Facilitator's Full Name

  • Employee's Full Name (optional)

  • Date and Time of Evaluation

  • Session attended:

  • Please Specify:

  • Thank you for participating in our learning session(s). We hope that you found the lessons helpful as we try to set you up for success in your role with us.

    We would like to ask for your feedback on our learning session(s) so that we can continue to improve and provide you the best training possible.

Program Objectives

  • The program objectives were clearly defined.

  • The program objectives were covered by the facilitator.

Course Content and Relevance

  • The material was the right level of complexity for my background.

  • The course materials were well organized.

  • The course materials help support the course objectives.

  • The content was relevant to my role's needs.

Facilitator Knowledge and Effectiveness

  • The facilitator demonstrated a good understanding and effectively delivered the program material.

  • The facilitator shared his/her experiences with the participants to be able to relate to the content being discussed.

  • The facilitator did a good job of generating participant interaction while keeping it a safe learning environment.

  • The pace of the program was good.

  • The duration of the learning session was appropriate for the content objectives and complexity.

  • The breaks were spaced at the right times during the session(s).

Program Evaluation

  • The assessment was a fair representation of the program content.

  • The role-plays or simulations were a fair representation of the program content.


  • The training area had adequate lighting.

  • The temperature was comfortable and conducive to have a learning session.

  • The participants had access to a computer and/or tools to simulate and have kinesthetic practice.

Final Thoughts

  • What did you like the most about the learning session(s)?

  • What do you think needs to be changed or improved?

  • Please share your final thoughts on the learning session(s) and/or facilitator


  • Full Name and Signature of Employee (optional)

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