Title Page

  • Trainers Name

  • Conducted on

  • Auditor

  • Location

Accuracy of marking

  • Have all boxes of the module been ticked appropriately?

  • Has the training module been signed by both parties?

  • Is the module dated?

  • Has appropriate evidence been attached?

  • Have comments been included where required?

Completion Rate

  • Is the trainers matrix over 85%, If not what percentage is it?

Direct Observations

  • What training is being conducted in field?

  • Does the trainer understand the needs of the learner?

  • Does the trainer explain the task/expectations?

  • Are questions welcomed and the time taken to answer/explain?

Training Compliance Report

  • Can the trainer access the training compliance report?

  • Can the trainer access the training compliance of the person they are training?

  • Ask them to access and supply a training report for a particular crew/site?

Big 6 requirements

  • Is the trainer aware of the requirements/ dates around the big 6?

  • Does the trainer actively participate in ensuring the Big 6 timelines are met by the team?

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