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HAZARDS: Use general risk assessments to inform the First Aid requirements, consider types of activities/hazards and the levels of first-aid provision required

  • Does the workplace have low level hazards e.g. those found in an office?

  • Minimum provisions:
    An Appointed Person
    A First Aid box

  • Does the workplace have high level hazards e.g. those found in a lab or mechanical workshops? Consider hazards such as toxic substances, explosives, pathogens, high voltages, manual handling, machinery, fieldwork in remote areas.

  • Consider providing:
    First Aiders
    Additional specialist First Aid training
    A First Aid box
    Additional First Aid equipment
    A First Aid room

  • Additional factors to consider:

STAFF: Consider the number of staff and those staff that may be higher at risk

  • How many people work in the department?

  • Are there staff on site that may be at higher risk? Consider inexperienced workers, those with existing health problems, young persons, new and expectant mothers, disability etc.

  • Consider providing:
    Additional specialist First Aid training
    Additional First Aid equipment

  • Additional factors to consider:


  • What types of accidents and injuries have previously occurred?

  • Ensure that First Aid provisions will cover the type of injuries that have occurred in the past in addition to those that are foreseeable.

  • Additional factors to consider:


  • Do staff/post-graduates work alone?

  • Ensure access to First Aid kit
    Ensure communications lines are accessible e.g. mobile phone

  • Do any staff/post-graduates work shift or out of hours?

  • Ensure there is sufficient First Aid cover

  • Does the department occupy more than one building or operate on multiple floors?

  • Consider First Aid provisions in each building/floor

  • Are there times when the First Aider might be on holiday/absent?

  • Ensure sufficient First Aid provisions during holiday periods/unexpected staff absences

  • Do any staff/post-graduates travel i.e. drive as part of work commitments?

  • Ensure mobile First Aid kits are provided
    Consider providing additional specialist First Aid

  • Do any staff/post-graduates conduct work off campus, e.g. fieldwork, where specialist First Aid may be required?

  • Consider providing:
    Specialist First Aid kits
    Additional specialist First Aid training

  • Additional factors to consider:


  • Do members of the public, visitors, contractors, students, school children visit your Faculty/ Directorate/School/department?

  • It is strongly advised that First Aid provisions are made for non-employees that are on site


  • What is the proximity to closest hospital?

  • Additional factors to consider:


  • Have incidents associated with mental health previously occurred?

  • Consider:
    Appointing a Mental Health First Aider

  • Is there a degree of sick leave/absenteeism that is associated with mental health issues?

  • Consider:<br>Appointing a Mental Health First Aider<br>

  • Additional factors to consider:

Suggested number of First Aid personnel to be available at all times people are at work. <br>Please refer to the First Aid Standard for Appointed Person (AP), Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) and First Aid at Work (FAW) syllabus <br>

  • *The HSE strongly advise that arrangements for First Aid provisions also take into account non-employees that may be on site. Please see the link below to the Health & Safety Executive guidance criteria for further information.



SECTION4; Utilise the guidance in Section 2 and the table in Section 3 to determine your First Aid requirements in the workplace.<br>Where a building/floor is shared with another department with similar hazards consideration should be given to sharing First Aid resources. <br>


  • Is a FA appointed person required?

  • Number required

  • Is an EFAW required?

  • Number required

  • Is an FAW required?

  • Number required

  • Is a first aider with additional training (please specify) required?

  • Number required


  • Is a damp and dust proof First Aid container required?

  • What is the required contents of the First Aid Box?

  • Provide a picture of first aid box?

  • Is there any additional equipment required?

  • Is there a travelling first aid kit available?

  • Is there a first aid room? Detail location, type of room, sole use or can the room be vacated easily and quickly

  • Is there a shower available?


  • Is a mental health first aider required?

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