Title Page

  • Audit Title

  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location

Before Start-Up

  • Day of Inspection

Before Start-Up

  • Hour meter reading

  • Kilometer reading

  • Total daily operating hours

  • Fuel usage

  • Record number of litres added

  • Operator’s manual read & understand

  • Fluid levels – oils / water / air

  • Record number of litres added

  • Damage to machine/guards/body

  • Tyres/tracks /pressures okay

  • Warning/safety signs visible

  • Wear surfaces – within serviceable limits

  • Safety pins located

  • Area safe to operate plant (walk around)

  • Area above clear for lifting and swinging (especially crane)

  • Steps/handrails/handholds

  • Cabin/machinery deck clear

  • Fire extinguisher full and in test period

  • Windows/mirrors clean, wipers operational

  • Is Plant safe to operate?

  • Please advise Supervisor IMMEDIATELY

  • Please proceed to the next section.

After Start-Up

After Start-Up

  • Gauges/lamps/warning systems

  • Lights – front/rear/stop/indicators/beacons

  • Horns/reversing alarm

  • Throttle operation

  • Operate controls – functioning properly

  • Brakes – park/foot/retarder/emergency

  • Steering/suspension

  • Certified operator's signature

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