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Operator Competencies

  • Operator can describe why the rated load capacity of the crane must be clearly marked on the crane or attachments..

  • Operator can describe how they perform a pre-use inspection on the crane.

  • Operator can demonstrate that they have completed proper training for the crane operation.

  • Proper daily inspections are conducted.

  • Periodic crane preventative maintenance / inspections is completed.

Observation of Work Practices

  • A dogman must be used when the need to exercise judgement to sling loads or direct crane movement from outside the crane operator’s full view (such as with whistle signals or radio).”

  • Does communication take place with employees to plan the lift and determine who will clear the path of travel?

  • Has a path of travel been established and are persons kept out of path of travel in an appropriate manner?

  • Is a load test conducted by making an initial lift of a few inches?

  • Is the load balanced or are adjustments made to balance the load?

  • Is movement of the load conducted in a manner that prevents swinging of the load?

  • Is there a clear path of travel and are areas appropriately quardoned off?

  • Is contact with the bumper block prevented?

  • Are communications with the crane operator clear and concise when applicable?

  • Is a motion alarm in place and functional when the crane is in motion?

  • On completion of use is the crane parked in a safe position and hook lifted into a position to avoid strikes


  • Is candidate competent to operate

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