Venue inspection checklist

Evacuation plan displayed

Hazard list is on hand

Safety and operational instructions on display

Operational equipment

Fire extinguishers in place and clearly marked

Fire extinguishers inspection current

Fire extinguishers clear if obstructions

Manual call points clear of obstr

Exit doors easily opened

Exit doors clear of obstructions

Exit lighting working

Building Safety

Lighting sufficient for public flow safety

Floor surfaces even and uncluttered

Entry and egress points clear of obstructions

Stairways clear of obstructions

Hand rails in good order

Rubbish bins located at suitable points and clear of exits

Fire And Safety Warden Checks for the following areas completed

Bowl and concourse

Chairmans VIPLounge

Level 0

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Mezzanine Bar

Northern External Crash Gates

Northern Internal Doors

Players Area

Southern Exit Gates

Concourse for exhibition events only

General comments

Items that may require maintence prior to next event

Checklist completed

Name and COA number of person completing audit