General Safety

  • All Employees have Site induction training

  • Work Activity (SWMS)training

First Aid/Emergency/injury/Near miss

  • All injuries have been reported to head office

  • Builder has been notified

  • Any near misses been reported

  • First aid kit supplies need replacing


  • Evacuation procedure in place and been communicated to all personal

Fire Safety

  • Fire extinguisher's are available

  • Safe and clearly marked fire exits displayed

Personal Protective Equipment

  • All PPE is available

  • Any PPE need restocking if so what is needed.

  • PPE being used as required (SWMS)

  • Are employees aware of the limitation of the PPE


  • Register current and has been supplied to builder

  • All leads have been suspended by lead hooks or lead stands

  • All power tools have been tagged and tested

Hazardous Substances

  • Register is current and up to date

  • All SDS is available

Access and Egress

  • All access ways were defined by tape or flags or other means and clear of material

  • All scaffold clear of Pacific's material


  • Ladder only to be used for deck access and has to be 1/4 angle 1metre above landing and secured

Working at height

  • Perimeter protection in place

  • Fall protection is in place at all times

  • minimum working platform of 450 being use at all times


  • All workers are following SWMS and SWMS are being revised and updated

Manual Handling

  • Are all objects safe and easy to grasp

  • Are mechanical means being used where able

  • Is there enough space to allow free movement while working

  • Workers are bending at the knees not at the back


  • Stripping checklist has been signed by builder and toolbox given to workers

  • All signage has been installed and area isolated before stripping commences

  • Other relevant trades have been notified eg:sparky.


  • Are bins available at work face and in use

  • All signage is being used as Per SWMS to isolate areas

  • All material has been de nailed

  • Materials are being stacked neatly

  • Walkways and access ways cleared of all material

  • Satisfied with the cleanliness of amenities

  • Z Bars have been capped


  • Plant register is current

  • Maintenance records provided and available

  • Daily checklist being completed before use

  • All operators competent

  • Any notes to add

  • Tap to enter information

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