Eye Wash and Safety Shower Audit

  • Eye Wash Station Function Test
    1. Ensure that eye wash station is clear of any hazards or obstructions
    2. Ensure caps or other covers are in appropriate place
    3. Turn eye wash fully on
    4. Ensure that eye wash station has sufficient water flow (caps should pop off)
    5. Ensure the hands free mechanism is working and is in good condition
    6. Water should be clear and approximately room temperature

    Safety Showers
    1. Ensure Safety Shower is free of any potential obstructions
    2. Ensure shower is equipment with an easy to grab pull handle
    3. Ensure shower turns on and has sufficient flow
    4. Water should be clear and be at approximately room temperature
    5. Ensure all mechanical parts are present and functioning properly

    For each emergency eyewash/safety shower below that meets the above criteria mark the below location as "YES" indicating that the eye wash and/or safety shower is operating properly.

    If any of the above criteria is not met mark the eye wash and/or safety shower location as a no and document the reason for follow up.

    If you should have any questions please reach out to the EHS Department for further clarification.

  • Warehouse

  • Truck Shop

  • Wastewater Lab

  • Wastewater Starch Deck

  • MBR Chemical Cage (West)

  • MBR Centrifuge Room

  • MBR Chemical Cage (East)

  • MBR Main Lab

  • MBR LPRO Room

  • Bulk Chemical Storage Area

  • Plant Maintenance Shop

  • Sanitation Cage Area -- There are Two (2) in this area

  • FCP Seasoning Area

  • PC Seasoning Area

  • PC Peeler Area

  • Corn Cook Area

  • Main Lab

  • UTC Cornwash Area

  • UTC Seasoning Area

  • FCC Seasoning Area

  • Sun Chips Packaging East Wall

  • Sun Chips Processing East (w/shower)

  • Sun Chips Processing East Wall (Sink Mounted)

  • Sun Chips Main Lab

  • Sun Chips Process Cook Room

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