1.0 Tyres

  • 1.1 Do the tyres meet conditions below?

    The legal tyre tread depth is 1.6 mm across the central three-quarters of the tread width & around the circumference.

    Some tyres have tread wear indicators moulded into the base of the main groves. When the tread surface is worn to the same level as the indicators, the tyre is at the legal limit & should be replaced.

    The driver must ensure that tyre levels are checked on a weekly basis in line with all other conditions checks. The YES response to this question assumes this is happening.

    If in any doubt please contact fleet or the lease company

  • 1.2 Tyre Pressures
    Are the tyre pressures at the recommended pressures?

    Tyre pressures vary based on loads carried, it is therefore necessary to check pressures at the very least weekly.

    The YES response to this answer assumes this is happening.

  • 1.3 Cracks & Cuts
    Are the tyres free from cracks & cuts?

  • 1.4 Spare Tyre
    Does the vehicle have a spare tyre?
    If NO please continue to section 2

  • 1.4.1 Spare Tyre Condition
    If your vehicle has a spare tyre does it meet the conditions of 1.1 to 1.3?

2.0 Engine Compartment

  • 2.1 Battery
    Is the battery secure?

  • 2.2 Hoses / Wiring
    Are all hoses & wiring connections visibly secure?

  • 2.3 Engine Oil Level
    Is the engine oil level within recommended levels?

    It is the drivers responsibility to ensure that the oil level is checked on a weekly basis.

    A YES response to this question assumes this is happening.

    Failure to check the oil levels may result in the vehicle warranty being invalidated.

  • 2.4 Coolant Level
    Is the coolant level within the indicated levels?

  • 2.5 Brake Fluid Level
    Is the brake fluid level within the recommended levels

3.0 Cab / Operation

  • 3.1 Lights
    Are all bulbs working front & back?

  • 3.2 Indicators
    Are all indicator bulbs working front & back?

  • 3.3 Windscreen
    Is the windscreen free from chips & cracks

    The smallest of chips can quickly become a major crack especially in colder weather. A crack will compromise the stability of a windscreen & in turn compromises driver safety.

  • 3.4 Seat Belts
    Are seat belts operating correctly?
    Is the seat belt webbing free from any damage?

  • 3.5 Steering
    When is the steering free from any defects?

  • 3.6 Breaking Operation
    Is the breaking system working correctly?

  • 3.7 Horn
    Is the horn working?

  • 3.8 Upholstery
    Is the upholstery free from damage?

  • 3.9 Roof Lining
    Is the roof lining free from any damage?

4.0 External Bodywork

  • 4.1 Bodywork Damage
    Is there any visible damage to the vehicles bodywork?
    If NO please continue to section 5

  • 4.2 Please list damage & back up with photos

  • 4.3 Damage

    I confirm that any damage caused to my company issued vehicle has been reported to the Fleet Department in the correct manner

5.0 Storage of Materials & Equipment

  • Is your vehicle carrying 'Materials & Equipment'
    If your answer is NO please leave this section & continue to section 6

  • 5.1 Are all tools and materials secured?

  • 5.2 Gas Cylinders, Secured correctly and Vehicle correctly signed

    Cylinders must be stored, secured in an upright position & should be separated from the driver's compartment by a bulkhead
    Valves must be closed & gauges removed
    A fire extinguisher must be carried
    The vehicle must be ventilated
    The vehicle must have correct signage

  • 5.3 Hazardous Substances
    If you are carrying hazardous substances they must be correctly stored according to COSHH Information sheet?

  • 5.4 Stepladders
    If you are carrying step ladders are they secure?

  • 5.5 Roof Rack
    If you have a roof rack fitted is it secure?

  • 5.6 Fire Extinguisher
    Is your fire extinguisher in date and fully charged?

  • 5.7 First Aid Kit
    Is your first aid present in date and fully stocked?

6.0 Documentation

  • 6.1 Driving Licence
    Is your licence valid & up to date?
    Is Fleet aware of any resent changes to your licence?

  • 6.2 Service Log Book
    Is the Service Log Book present and filled in?

  • 6.3 HSEQ document folder
    Does your vehicle have a current copy of Method Statements, Risk Assessments & COSHH Assessments?

  • 6.4 Company Vehicle Policy

    I have read & understand the Company Vehicle Policy issued & signed by me

  • Signature of Inspector/driver All information included on the Weekly Vehicle Inspection Checklist is accurate & true to the best of my knowledge Space Engineering Services expect vehicles to be keep in a clean & tidy condition, their vehicles are a representation of the company. Drivers are subject to spot checks at any time & failure to keep a vehicle in a reasonable condition may result in valet charges being passes on.

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