Inspection details

  • Flight number

  • Origin

  • Destination

  • Flight date (departure)


  • 1. Does the content of the flight file reflect accurately items listed on the check sheet?

  • 2. Is aircraft security search form completed and signed by the Captain and SCCM(where required)?

  • 3. Have CPMs and UCMs been sent? (N/A for Netline)

  • 4. Is the delay code correct and GH Disruption Form submitted (if applicable)?

  • 5. Is the LIR filled in correctly and signed/Netline form submitted (check for Ramp Final in Netline timeline)

  • 6. Does the NOTOC have all required signatures on it, and does it clearly specify loading positions of all DG?

  • 7. Are total weights for positions calculated correctly?

  • 8. Is only 1 version (ACARS or EDP) of Loadsheet kept on file?

  • 9. Is aircraft registration recorded correctly on all documents?

  • 10. Are correct average baggage and passenger weights used and does the load sheet reflect correct gender distribution (M/F/C/I)???

  • 11. Are LMCs clearly annotated (compare loadsheet to LIRF/Netline lower deck)

  • 12. Are LMCs within allowed limit?

  • 13. Does the DOW and DOI match published values?

  • 14. Is the LIRF planned in accordance with Aer Lingus instructions?

  • 15. Is Load Sheet signed by the Captain?

  • 16. Does the total weight of load in Hold 5 match value calculated per LIRF? (N/A for Netline/B757 Aircraft)

  • 17. Are envelopes / checklists / documentation clearly legible?

  • 18. Is envelope/checksheet signed by the dispatcher?

Additional notes

  • Notes / Comments / Identified safety or operational improvement opportunities

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