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Building Engineering Services - Maintenance Management

  • Is the PPM Planner in place for the site and a schedule of activities available for 52 weeks?

  • Can we evidence Risk Assessments for those PPM tasks deemed High Risk (e.g those requiring a permit)?

  • Have there been any changes to the Asset Register which might effect the PPM Planner and have these been sent to the Asset Manager in accordance wi the agreed procedure?

  • If there have been any reportable incidents, is evidence provided that they have been submitted in accordance with the agreed procedure?

  • Where PPM work orders are unable to be completed due to BBC operational reasons, are we recording this correctly (evidence of mitigation)?

  • Can we provide evidence (Hard or Soft copy) for all sub-contractor service visits and are these visits completed in accordance with the agreed procedure and standards?

  • Is there a process in place for the management of critical operating cover (call outs) and can we provide evidence that it is functioning in accordance with the 'Site Buddy' initiative?

  • Is there an AE/AP structure in place and are scheduled audits up to date, issued and available on site?

  • Safety Inspections: Is there an audit programme in place and are the scheduled audits up to date/issued on site?

  • Where 'Critical Spares' are agreed, is there a system for ensuring minimum levels are maintained and stored appropriately?

  • Are maintenance areas (plant rooms, risers, stores, switch rooms, workshops) clear, with no visible debris, spill ages or Health & Safety hazards?

  • Are Maintenance Areas secure, with access demonstrably limited to those with approved access?

  • Timely and safe disposal of redundant FFFE as identified and agreed with BBC Staff.

Broadcast & Business Continuity Management

  • Is the Incident Handling Manual for the site in place, reviewed in line with the timetable and

  • Are the contact details for the BC Duty Manager in the IHM and is there an escalation process in place

  • Is there evidence of a detailed BC training plan for all key BES staff?

  • Produce a fully compliant space plan to the requirements of the BBC users.

  • Where possible and relevant, is there evidence to ensure business and broadcast critical spaces are identified?

  • Is there evidence to ensure that business and broadcast critical assets are identified (refer to asset list)?

  • Are critical registers retained on site and updated in line with required frequency (6 months minimum) to include asset, spaces and spares?

  • Is the daily duty log completed for the site (if available)?

  • Are broadcast or business continuity risks for the site clearly identified on the master Continuity Risk Register?

  • Is there a Continuity Disaster Recovery Plan testing/rehearsals regime in place (agreed with the BBC) and available on site?

Electrical Services

  • Is there a complete and accurate maintenance and testing regime with supporting documentation and certification?

  • Is there an Emergency Light Testing log, with a detailed local testing programme or maintenance schedule?

  • EDIS and FET: Can we evidence that monthly checks of EDIS are being done in accordance with the Work Order instructions?

  • EDIS and FET: can we evidence that a plan is in place to undertake testing where the certification is due to expire?

  • EDIS and FET: where testing was planned and subsequently denied then can we evidence that this risk has been brought to the attention of the BBC responsible person?

  • Can we evidence a programme of Thermographic checks on switchgear, Busbars and Distribution Boards as a means of minimising electrical failure?

  • Incident Reporting: where incident are known to have occurred, can we evidence via incident reports and associated work orders that the causes or consequences of the incident have been rectified within agreed timescales (consider UPS plant or power supply system failures)?

  • If applicable to the property, Black/Brown Start Plan in place and test conducted in accordance with procedure, remedial actions followed up and closed where .

  • If applicable to property, is there an effective Battery Room temperature monitoring process in place?

  • Can we evidence annual inspections of the lighting protection system in accordance with BS6651:1999?

Air Quality

  • Is the environment maintained within design parameters (only where known and achievable with current HVAC configuration) or as specified by the BBC?

  • Where air quality is a known and perennial problem can we evidence that air quality monitoring is in place?

  • Where air quality is a known and perennial problem can we evidence air quality and system cleanliness?

  • Where air quality is a known and perennial problem can we evidence that any occurrences outside of acceptable operating parameters for air quality have been acted upon?

Life Safety Systems

  • Can we evidence that Life Safety Systems Management strategy and processes are in place and followed and that recommendations within the Fire Risk Assessment have been implemented?

  • Can we evidence that Life Safety Systems are operated and tested in accordance with current legislation, approved codes of practice and BBC's policies?

  • Are maintenance and testing documentation and certificates for Life Safety Systems accurate and current?

  • Sample operational status of all Life Safety Systems (Fire Detection, Alarms, Smoke Detection, PA Systems, Emergency Phones, Sprinkler Systems, Hose Reels, Fire Exits, Smoke Controls, Fire Dampers, Fire Shutters/Curtains, Dry & Wet Risers, Fire Suppression Systems).


  • Is the BMS system secure with password protection and register in place to record authorised operators?

  • Can we evidence training for BMS operators?

  • Are Point Changes authorised and logged correctly?

Portable Appliance Testing

  • Can we evidence that the PAT register is up to date and portable appliances tested, inspected and certified in accordance with agreed process?

  • Sample Audit: Check random selection of items to ensure that the data on the labels is the same as on the register.

Water Systems

  • Is a copy of the Site Water Treatment Risk Assessment available and has it been reviewed within the last 24 months or after any system modifications?

  • Does the Water Risk Assessment contain full and up to date details of management responsibilities?

  • Site Water Treatment Log Book: have low usage water outlets been identified and are these flushed as necessary, with aspirated maintenance actions (cleaning, dosing) in line with the site risk assessment?

  • Site Water Treatment Log Book: Are water temperatures recorded weekly at appropriate test points, including calorific rs, taps, water storage tanks and cooling towers?

  • Site Water Treatment Log Book: Is there clear evidence of regular reports from registered testing agency for screening of water systems for legionella, coliforms and pseudomonas?

  • Cooling Towers: can we evidence that cooling towers are registered with the local authority and that regular testing and chlorination is being done?

Gas (Natural, Inert and Refrigerant)

  • Is there a valid Gas Safety Certificate covering the last 12 months for all gas appliances?

  • Can we evidence maintenance of inert gas (extinguishing) systems and any defect rectification?

Pressure Vessels and LEV

  • Pressure Vessels: (Access the Zurich Crimson database and check the status of all Written Schemes of Examination) Are all WSE's in date?


  • Flag Poles: are poles properly maintained and in full working order (even if flags are not normally flown)?

  • Are flags kept clean and in good condition and is the spar Union Flag retained where the Union Flag is flown at all times?

  • Potable Water Supply: are consumption reports available to BBC when required?

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