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  • Deals effectively with customers and other BBC staff requests.

  • Manage the provision of FFFE effectively.

  • Provide monthly reports to BBC on orders, storage items held, requests and costs.

  • Provide advice on the purchase and hire of FFFE to BBC staff and other users.

  • Ordering of FFFE approved by relevant work order from BBC.

  • Manage the storage of FFFE effectively.

  • Ensure that FFFE items are not available from existing stock.

  • Supply FFFE on demand in accordance with delivery times agreed with BBC staff and users.

  • Manage the installation of FFFE effectively.

  • Source FFFE from the appropriate BBC Key Supplier through a process agreed with the BBC.

  • Replacement or repair conducted with minimal disruption to the BBC.

  • Provide labour and materials for a 'first-line' on site repair.

  • Timely and safe disposal of redundant FFFE as identified and agreed with BBC Staff.

Churn Management

  • Ensure the drawing and property management data is kept up to date.

  • Monitor and report on volume and costs of Churn as scheduled or on request.

  • Co-ordinate with BBC technology services suppliers to clarify IT systems scope for installs/amendments.

  • Produce a fully compliant space plan to the requirements of the BBC users.

  • Consult with IT and M&E co-ordinators, Landlords and building control as appropriate.

  • Proactively manage space for most effective and efficient use.

  • Liaise with end users, occupants, internal departments and stakeholders to maximise efficiency of available space.

  • Consult with BBC representative to identify user requirements within 2 days of initial request.

  • Produce and sign off churn programme in conjunction with BBC, with costs for all elements for BBC approval.

  • Churn activities completed within 10 business days of initial request.

  • Issue movers pack to users.

  • Provide churn receptacles (boxes, crates etc.) in accordance with agreed plan of works.

  • Manage and coordinate furniture, IT systems, power points, paint schemes in accordance with plan of works.

  • Re-test desk wiring systems and portable electrical equipment in line with BS and Electrical Guidance Notes.

  • Provide local manager with all test records.

  • Update property Health & Safety file, RA and induction information within 5 business days of completion.

  • Provide up to date telephone lists to switchboard and all relevant parties within 1 business day of completion.

  • File final space plan and accompanying documentation to Drawing Office within 5 business days.

  • On completion issue a churn satisfaction survey and report back to BBC within 5 business days.

Building Fabric Services

  • Inspection and testing of building fabric and implementation of maintenance as required.

  • Fabric is safe, functional and compliant and built environment is comfortable for users.

  • Statutory testing and Risk Assessment records are available for inspection.

  • Occupants are able to function effectively within the property and promote a positive BBC impression.

  • Maintenance and repair is conducted with minimal disruption to the BBC's normal operations.

  • Utilise equivalent or better quality materials and parts as original element or fitting.

  • Walls, partitions, wall coverings, tiling and panelling are in an acceptable condition.

  • Windows, window frames and glazing, blinds and curtains are in an acceptable condition.

  • Roofs, guttering and downpipes are in an acceptable condition.

  • Sound proofing, where applicable, is in an acceptable condition.

  • Floor, floor coverings and edging is in an acceptable condition.

  • Fixed mirrors are in an acceptable condition.

Asbestos Management

  • Compliant with Law and the BBC Asbestos Management Plan.

  • Access to written and recorded action plans for asbestos locations within the property.

  • Current asbestos surveys and registers are accessible, accurate and held on site.

  • Vet and appoint certified, licensed asbestos testing and removal specialist contractors as required.

  • Monitor and report on performance of appointed asbestos removal contractors or asbestos consultants.

  • Provide full RA and CDM plans as required for all asbestos removal works.

  • Provide all necessary notifications and interfaces with the HSE.

  • Incident response and communication in-line with BBC Safety Asbestos Management Plan.

  • Provide asbestos surveys/reports prior to construction, churn, cable infrastructure works, as requested and within 10 business days of initial request.

  • Provide asbestos familiarisation training to all SP staff and sub-contractors as required.

Building Engineering Services

  • Effective relationships with all BBC stakeholders, BBC Key Suppliers and BBC Parties.

  • Co-ordinated approach to engineering services between SP duty managers and relevant BBC Ops Manager.

  • Maintain a safe, compliant and operational environment at all times.

  • Asset register is maintained and up to date.

  • Effective delivery of statutory, planned and reactive maintenance to fixed and portable assets.

  • Engineering services meet recognised industry standards and best practice and manufacturers recommendations.

  • All materials, parts and components are of good quality and meet system specifications.

  • Effective access control to engineering plant and equipment rooms (Permit to Work).

  • Suitable provision of critical spares and consumable items for plant held on site.

  • Inspect and report on cleanliness of all ventilation systems (intakes, ductworks, AHU, extract/circulation ducts, extract louvres) in BBC accommodation.

  • Maintain records of ductwork cleaning in accordance with TR19 (B&ES).

  • Inspect, test and maintain gas fire suppression systems (in accordance with Regulatory Reform Order 2006) and manufacturers recommendations.

  • Conduct routine and initial PAT testing for all appliances in accordance with the BBC's Electrical Guidance Note 9.

  • Provide PAT testing records as requested.

  • Routine inspection of all 'back-up' support equipment for Broadcast Critical operations.

  • Inspect, test and maintain all fixed and portable fire fighting equipment in accordance with BS.

  • Inspect, test and maintain all fire engineering equipment (dry/wet risers, hydrants, sprinklers, reels, fire shutters, evacuation chairs and dampers).

  • Effective response to all breakdowns, failures and H&S risks to return plant to operational state.

  • Optimise Building Engineering Services (BES) systems (temperature set-point control and operational hours) to reduce energy and water consumption.

  • Develop and maintain an up to date asset register for the building.

  • All relevant pollution permits are in place.

  • Appropriate permits, approvals and licenses for all boiler and power installations combustion equipment and systems.

  • Provide, maintain and monitor use of a water cooling service where drinking water taps are not available.

  • Provide associated consumable where portable water cooling services are in place.

  • All flag poles are properly maintained and regularly tested, regardless if flags are flown.

  • All flags are kept in good working order and spare Union Flags are onsite where applicable.

Lift & Lifting Equipment

  • All items (lifts, hoists, escalators, stairlifts, cradles, runway beams, support grids, access gantries, runway trolleys, chain blocks, eye bolts, ladder supports and mans-safe systems) are inspected and tested for compliance, in accordance with BS 5588 and Part 5 and 8 and BBC Fire Safety Guidance Notes.

  • All equipment is part of a PPM programme whilst minimising disruption to BBC.

  • Reactive Maintenance measure restore equipment to the required standard.

  • Undertake all thorough examinations and inspections as per scope of standards.

  • Assessment of Competence of lift engineering works personnel.

  • Monitor and review in line with Safety Assessment Federation and LOLER (Reg 10).

  • Review of RAMS as required.

  • Provision of asset report (including forecast of expenditure) to meet the Capital Plan.

  • Provide monitoring and breakdown reports and manage lift log records for each lift installation.

  • Provide rescue and release arrangements using competent persons in line with H&SW Regs (Reg 5).

  • Undertake investigations and report on all incidents and accidents (including entrapments).

  • Develop and implement permit systems

Fire Safety

  • Liaise with local fire authorities and BBC to minimise risk.

  • Undertake and review FRA in accordance with current legislation.

  • Implement and keep up-to-date emergency evacuation procedures as set out in FRA.

  • Manage and maintain building Fire Safety Manuals in line with FRA.

  • Provide local instruction, including induction to building users on Fire Safety.

  • Coordinate and manage training of BBC nominated Fire Wardens.

  • Coordinate and manage emergency evacuation equipment training and procedures.

  • Inspect and test PPM and reactive maintenance of fire separation compartments (fire doors, shutters, dampers, partitions, fire stopping, gas tight compartments) in accordance with statutory requirements.

  • Manage, develop, practice and keep up-to-date fire drill procedures and records.

  • Maintain records of fire alarm events, reporting on incidents and evacuations.


  • All signage is compliant with law and BBC Guidelines.

  • Ensure BBC approval of all signage before installation.

  • Maintain all signage to ensure fit for purpose.

  • Install, manage and remove temporary signage or signage that has become obsolete.



  • Cleaning inspections are conducted (and evidenced) within agreed plans with the BBC.

  • Cleaning is conducted in a Scheduled and reactive manner to maintain a safe environment.

  • All cleaning supplies (consumables) are Mae available to cleaning operatives for cleaning activities.

  • PAT Testing

  • Petty Cash

  • Petty Cash Disclaimer

  • Petty Cash Audit Form

  • Cleaning Register

  • Cleanliness of Staff Areas

  • Water Test

  • Site Access Details (Entry codes, log-on etc)

  • Key Safe Codes

  • Car Park

Pest Control

  • Running Logs (Petrol Powered Equipment)

  • DSE Assessments

  • Site Equipment - Visual Check (serviceability)

  • PAT Testing

  • Petty Cash

  • Petty Cash Disclaimer

  • Petty Cash Audit Form

  • Cleaning Register

  • Cleanliness of Staff Areas

  • Water Test

  • Site Access Details (Entry codes, log-on etc)

  • Key Safe Codes

  • Car Park

Waste Management

  • Running Logs (Petrol Powered Equipment)

  • DSE Assessments

  • Site Equipment - Visual Check (serviceability)

  • PAT Testing

  • Petty Cash

  • Petty Cash Disclaimer

  • Petty Cash Audit Form

  • Cleaning Register

  • Cleanliness of Staff Areas

  • Water Test

  • Site Access Details (Entry codes, log-on etc)

  • Key Safe Codes

  • Car Park


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Conference & Video Conferencing Management

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